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  1. Sugar Daddy

From the recording Sugar Daddy

Ok this one I just finished vocals 10/8/14.This is a working progress. I added some effects. Will be on the CD 'Be Near Me' which now drops July/Aug 2015. Love this song, damn it's fun. This song is originally from 1989 by Thompson Twins album Big Trash. I remember hearing it and loved it then and now! I don't think anyone knew it was them. I had to do it! I re-recorded it. It had to be re-recorded to preserve the awesome quality of the music. The music makes this track..This track is currently with Universal Music Group being final mastered. This is the first time I have had a song professionally master. How great that it happens to be the world renown Universal Music. It's been rough 7 days, Bryan my Mastering Tech i was assigned said it would take 14 days. Which is great, they take there time and perfect as much as possible. Excited to hear how amazing it will be...new single release date will be Nov 18, 2014. With all new art work too. I just was sent the new mastered single from Universal Music this evening. I will upload it early sat morn. I'm not sure, but I guess I did it way better then thought, they did very little to improve it which means it didn't much improvement. But I can head suttle differences. This is the final version...Thanks Universal Music Group. They fixed by vocals and make them pop!