Hey Guys, Reno Pride made the Channel 2 local news. How cool right! Click on the link and watch it. You can hear the me singing through the whole 47 sec segment. Also Dean is a good friend too. (Clip Is no longer posted, sorry)” - Channel 2 News

Channel 2 News Reno

Some local press about The Reno Gay Pride performers Ect ” - ?


Click on the link and enjoy my first UK radio interview of 2016 with the fabulous DJ Keza. It will be a fun interview and will be about new music tour and new manager. You can also chat live with me during the interview. It will be live 1:30 am PST (Pacific Standard Time) please check your local listings or the time different in your country. Excited to chat with you soon! This will be my first live event.” - DJ KEZA KEZA G RADIO LGBT