Buy The Look CD Single here

This is my second single from The Look my first CD. It's pricey cause it's a physical hard CD I can sign! Enjoy! 

The Look 1 track CD Single From Amazon (Click link below)

Markie Extravaganza Tour 2016 Merchandise

New Markie-Extravaganza Tour 2016 Merchandise you can buy early from here.

Markie Extravaganza Tour Half Breed Merchandise

This is my new line of Merchandise from Markie Extravaganza Tour 2016

Markie Half Breed Tees

These are Half Breed Tour Tees. I am excited to bring you guys huge line of tour Tees and more. Enjoy!

Markie Love Is A Battlefield Tour Merchandice

Excited to bring you Love Is A Battlefield photo from Markie Extravaganza Tour 2016 for the fans you can have it on a tee of your choice.

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