09/30/2020 NEW MUSIC

Hi there,

 Yes new music is coming to CD, Vinyl (yes it's back), Cassette (Yes it's come back too), Digital Download and radio station streaming. I'm so proud to finally release remastered versions of both THE LOOK and BE NEAR

9/30/2020 Personal Life

Hi guys! 

 It's been a while huh! Well I got my own place after moving to Vegas and having roommate's and my things in storage. I have been on a N. Summerlin Apartment for two years will be moving to


New Single Released today! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Guys, Happy Thanksgiving! First off wishing you the best holiday today, be safe and caring. Second I have a new single released today 3 am. "Be Near Me" has been released worldwide today. Super excited for my first released


Hello Guys, I've been away a long time. Well happy to report, I'M BACK!!! I have relocated to Las Vegas, NV and am dial in now. Took a few years to really settle in. I am having a ball with…


OMG 2018

OMG hey guys my first Blog of 2018. I really am excited to start getting back into blogging and recording new music and re-recording mastering and releasing this this year as well. Let me start with the move. I moved…



OMG! I have been away most of the year! I relocated to Las Vegas, NV which proved to be the biggest challenge of my life. It's slowly settling down now and I have so much yet to do. I wanted…


OMG Where has Markie Been

Hello Everyone, 

So where the hell have I been? Well lets start with Dec 2016 I was going to relocate to Las Vegas, NV. It all fell to shit. Not to say I'm not going. March will be the time…

Marke Slated To perform R3 Hotel So Co Talent Idol

Hey guys, we are set to perform for So Co Talent Idol in Guerneville, CA June 22, 2016 at 7PM. Come out and see Markie and his dancers perform "Send Me An Angel'89" which will be live streamed too. Please…


Markie is rocking with new things soon!

Hey guys, the site is back up and going yay! Major news soon working on a ton of exciting things and getting tour together too. Just wanted to let you all know that site is up and going! Keep it…


Hi guys, Lots Going on...

Hi guys, So much going on. My new manager Jeremy can now be reached at Jwheat@gmail.com for books or appearances. Which is awesome! We are currently seeking three dancers for an new show. If your interested please contact him. 



Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter to you all! I decided to go with this fun Easter color to to wish each of you a Happy and most wonderful Easter Sunday! I had brunch with my mom and family. Mom got me an easter


Happy Easter Fans and Friends!

Well guys, it's official new manger is done. He is pushing me to get my ass in gear and get cracking on three albums, tour and a book. Very exciting news. I just got the information that rehearsals for Northern…