09/30/2020 NEW MUSIC

Hi there,

 Yes new music is coming to CD, Vinyl (yes it's back), Cassette (Yes it's come back too), Digital Download and radio station streaming. I'm so proud to finally release remastered versions of both THE LOOK and BE NEAR ME albums. Several singles and not only that. I'm currently recording the Christmas album too. Finished the music to two all new original albums as well. Now I just need to lay the vocals on them all. The goal is to release these two albums this month October 2020. You can now purchase some songs on sale for .60 cents now. I will post more information as it comes in. Just know that amazon will also release physical albums as well at $9.99. The tracks are 18 on BE NEAR ME and 14 on THE LOOK. So what a deal $20 bucks for both. That's almost 2 hours of non stop music. I'm just a lot excited for them to be released and I will keep them out there at all 95 stores now. I can even get my LP's at Barn's and Noble. Lots of new and exciting changes with the TUNE CORE my distributor. I will be blogging more now and with the new www.markierocks.com website host which is $4 less then the old web host, so much more is available. I also lost my original Youtube channel and have replaced it with a new one will be uploading this behind the scenes Video clips of "Send Me An Angel '89" video shoot and rehearsals too. I also remastered the video in Dolby Digital which I just love. See so much happening. I also lost weight during this pandemic COVID-19. I was up to 185 lbs, I am now 156 lbs. I'm keeping at it. Wear cropped tops like was in my 20's. I will upload new photos. Keep it here for more news 

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