YEAH It's Summer - Memorial Day Weekend With Markie

Hi Guys, I have been away a while! Got a new MACbook Air and loving it! I will be working finally on some new music. I had a career change, and still lots of changes happening and to come. I'm thinking of YouTube Vlogging it! What do you guys think? Will start this weekend, it's Saturday and Memorial Day Weekend. Planning on some pool fun at home. Margaritas too. I think I will do the YouTube thing. New music is so good, I mean it. Been working on vocals to get them in shape for summer recording. I also want my first single of 2022 to be West End Girls, I want to shoot a video this summer, though the costume I have planned will be a bit hot. I and currently 170 lbs. and need to get to at least 160 lbs. before filming! I have a up coming photo session coming to. So never dull, I have a lot planned. Still the Christmas album music is completed. I just need to record, which is hard with my Dad living with me. Been hard to record because of that too! I can't keep holding it off forever either. I have these new songs and albums and have more in me beyond them. I will keep plugging at it. 

 I recently went to Henderson Gay Pride to reconnect and I sure did. I think next year I'd love to have a song ready with music video and may set up booth to sell Tee's, CD's DVD's, of my music and videos. So we'll see. I think Henderson Pride and Vegas Pride 2023 will be most excellent. Then try other prides across the US. I have planed Reno NV Pride 4 years in a row before it stopped. Made great friends and connections from that like my amazing friend Xavior Tascono, what a talent. Ok Guys just wanted to really give you all some news since I have not been Blogging in a while. I will try to keep up on it at least once weekly. Stay tuned! 

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