OMG Where has Markie Been

Hello Everyone, 

So where the hell have I been? Well lets start with Dec 2016 I was going to relocate to Las Vegas, NV. It all fell to shit. Not to say I'm not going. March will be the time I will be in Las Vegas for sure. I am very excited to get the hell out of Carson City. I wasted 10 years here. Thinking the casino was a good career choice and blinded by the fact that the casino industry is horrible no matter. 

 The only good thing that has come from the loss of supervisor is that I am learning to bar tend. Not that is fun as hell. I am going to do that in Vegas until I can get on at . Vegas has 15 gay bars and dance clubs. I am very excited to make the move to where I can see be and hang with my celebrity friends. 

 There is so much going on, Im gonna keep this entry brief. Just know that there is so much going on that you all should hang tight while I get it together. 

 New music, New videos, New tour, new shows, new costumes! That's just the half of it. Hang tight guys....Major Markie news to come! XO -Markie

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