OMG 2018

OMG hey guys my first Blog of 2018. I really am excited to start getting back into blogging and recording new music and re-recording mastering and releasing this this year as well. Let me start with the move. I moved to Las Vegas this time last year. It has taken a full year to finally get smoother. I mean its getting to be home slowly. I was out of work all last year, other then being a Lyft Driver. I met some great guys Adam & Eric whom I was fortunate to room mate with and that worked well. They moved in Dec. I had to find a new place to live. I did with another amazing friend Karen. Where i reside now until May/June 2018 when I can get my own place and all my things from Cali. Yes I moved my stuff from IStorage in Carson City to my fathers in Cali. 

 Well, I also got a job with the amazing Icon Frank Marino Divas Las Vegas as his wardrobe assistant. The job is fabulous and going well. its only been a month but I'm ajusting just fine. I am looking forward to so many things this year. I have my weight in check 165 lbs. I have a few of my things now, my TV and computer, Tivo. I find myself watching 80's and 70's TV now. Sonny & Cher Comedy Hours and Cher Show are re-airing on Get TV. There is Cozi TV, Antena TV, Decades, and more. Watching Benson, Soap, My Two Dads, Growing Pains, Mr. Belevadere, Maude, Barney Miller, Mamas Family, Carol Burnett, and more

 The plan for the future is to Keep the amazing job, catch up my minor bills, and buy new car and move into my own place. May/June. Also get the music re-recorded mixed and master and re-released, release new CD and Christmas album too. Also new music videos. I moved to Vegas entertainment Capital! I'm really excited for the future. Stay tuned everyone. I also will be returning to Flair Nightclub to do Social Media for them again in April/May 2018. 

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