Hi guys, Lots Going on...

Hi guys, So much going on. My new manager Jeremy can now be reached at Jwheat@gmail.com for books or appearances. Which is awesome! We are currently seeking three dancers for an new show. If your interested please contact him. 

 Jeremy also created my first QR which is on all my media. Its that cute little thing you scan with your cellphone or Tablet. Just download the QR reader app and scan. It takes you to this website. I think it is sweet. I will have it on my twitter, facebook, instagram, Vine, ect.

 The songs are currently being selected for the show. 3 live songs and 3 lysinc songs. Two full dancer numbers so I can change outfits. Three to four Costume changes. It's going to be an extravaganza. Very excited to be working on it.

 I am also working on three albums, and a book. Also re-recording 'She Blinded Me With Science" as my awesome manager has some cool ideas for a music video for this one. I just need to remove the over done effects. So that is happening this month. 

 I am also working on Re-Releasing "Send Me An Angel89" on my current distributor. With original artwork. The remix video is still in the works. It will remaster in UHD 4K as well. 

 I am also still working on the Christmas CD and the album I wrote. All taking lots of time to do. As well as the book. Playfully Titled Markie:The First Time. Since the book is somewhat autobiographical, but more interesting to people as it has stories behind the first time I did things. I think it's a bit more interesting at this time then a full Biography. 

 I think that is about it for now. Hope your all enjoying the spring. We are currently getting rain today...Love Markie

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