Hello Guys, I've been away a long time. Well happy to report, I'M BACK!!! I have relocated to Las Vegas, NV and am dial in now. Took a few years to really settle in. I am having a ball with my new job (6 Months), new condo, new car. I have all my stuff from storage. I set my recording studio and have starting work on the re-record and reissue of both The Look and Be Near Me CD's. I will be re-releasing them with different artwork and different track listings. I may add or remove tracks as well. The release date is not set, I can tell you by the end of May 2019. I have posted the working artwork for the cover, well see if I keep that. I have been doing well health wise ever since a claps lung and double pneumonia and ended up in the hospital in 2015. I am back to working out after 3 years of not lol. I'm in great shape again and ready to work. I might be getting some performances later in the year, well see main thing is getting the albums back out there and finish the dance original material CD and the long long awaited Christmas One too. I am writing this in the recording studio and watch the Pool out my window with Palm Trees swaying. I have come a long way since Carson City. 

 I have met with close friends Bruce Vilanch, Gioia Bruno (Expose'), John Smith & Valerie Day (NuShooz), and my BFF Frank Marino. I am so lucky to have these celebrity friends and able to see them now that I'm here in Las Vegas, NV where everyone comes sooner or later cause many wish they could live here. 

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