MARKIE - Record Company Owner/Singer/Dancer/Songwriter/Producer/Performer/Actor

Markie (Born Mark Anthony Dew July 14, 1975) Markie started singing at age 3. He became serious with singing at age 10 performing in his bedroom. He tried out for high school chorus, but the teacher asked him to sing "Jingle Bells" on the spot with no rehearsal or sheet music and hello, Markie didn't know the words only the chorus, so the teacher declined him from being a part of the chorus. Markie later that year in 1992 did a singing contest a the same High School and won 2nd place. Markie had always believe in himself, and that he could perform. During the PHS performance Markie sang a cover of Cher's song "I'm No Angel" to a huge crowd of students. It was not until 1995 Markie tried recording a Cher cover of Marc Cohns classic "Walking In Memphis" with his brother Eric Dew.The recording session was cut short. The song was never finished. You can hear that first ever Markie recording session here. In 1996 Markie would do live performances at various clubs in Sacramento, CA doing Karokee. Markie would perform "Believe" and "I'll Tumble 4 Ya!" and both to standing ovations. In Early 2000 Markie recorded his first complete song, "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves" a #1 hit for Cher, with help of his friend Randy whom produced and recorded as well as mixed the song for Markie.This was only meant for Markie to get acquainted with recording in a studio type setting. 2006 Markie decided to go to college for music. He started at beginning Chorus, when Markie proceeded to sing "Believe" and the arrangement was wrong, he stopped and told the the student who was off key on the piano, that she was off key, way off! The teacher agreed and was surprised Markie was so much more advanced then the class. She called him a show off. By day 30 of college Markie ended up dropping out and also relocating to Las Vegas, NV. Fast forward to 2012 is when everything finally started coming together at the right place and time for Markie to record his second single. The second single would be released worldwide 'Send Me An Angel'89" reached some success as well. The single "Send Me An Angel'89" reached in June 2013 on the International Internet Radio charts at #27, before falling off the charts in late 2014. Markie's first 13 track album 'THE LOOK' dropped April 8, 2014 in honor of new music Tuesday. The album also fared well by reviews and sales. But was not a huge commercial success. Markie has also released the follow up album titled 'Be Near Me' which is his best album yet. The CD was set for July 14th release, but was pushed back due to Markie having four wisdom teeth extracted and then tonsil's removed. The 'Be Near Me' CD features 18 tracks (4 are bonus tracks) Markie has taken all he has learned in the past three years and put it into the new CD. The album is sure to expand Markie into more mainstream. Markie is also the executive producer of 'THE LOOK TOUR 2014' with three performances before the year ended. His first short tour ever. Video footage was obtained from Reno Pride 2014 and from Palm Springs at Hunter's Night Club. The "BE NEAR ME TOUR 2015" was cancelled due to health issues. Somehow Markie managed to perform Reno  Gay Pride in June 2015 ( video clips are on this site and on Markie's You Tube Channel).Markie had to cancel The Extravaganza Tour 2016 to fully recover.  Markie is also going to release a new line of tour merchandise early summer 2019. The "Send Me An Angel'89 remix video is still in in in the works for 2019, with life changes so has the release of a lot of Markie's projects. Markie has also been recording his own self wrote song " We Can't Say Anything" which was just about finished when his wisdom teeth acted up. He will continue working on that song as well as the full album, and Christmas album, and the re-released BE NEAR ME CD. Markie is always improving this website and adding features when they come available here. Markie has no plans of slow down, he keeps improving and getting better and better. He is a breakout star and one to watch!

Update: Markie started his own record company MD Records, LLC in April 2014. He is excited to release music through his own label. He also keeps producing and mastering to keep learning the craft, getting better and better. You will hear major improvements in Markie's new re-released CD 'Be Near Me' out late May 2019 with new artwork and updated track listing. Markie keeps growing to be better and better. He is working hard on three albums completing three tracks so far since 2016. As if Markie has nothing else to do, he started work on a Book. People have pushed him for years to write one. Markie was not sure if the timing was right for a biography just yet. So the book will be a detailed account of First Times with more elaborations that states. The re-release and reissue of BE NEAR ME will be the third CD released by Markie. The other two original albums were pulled from the distributor by Markie as the music was vastly over produced. All songs and a few new ones are re-mastered on the new released slated for a late May 2019 release. New singles and videos will be rushed out to digital stations worldwide. Markie is in the works of new Distribution deal too. Keep it here for the latest. 

Markie was overwhelmed by fans appreciation for "Send Me An Angel'89", that he created a remix club radio edit version. This new version will also be available on Itunes,, google play soon. It's title "Send Me An Angel'89(Dance Radio Edit)". Jango Radio also features a Markie streaming station that features many different tracks from the CD 'THE LOOK' I'll Tumble 4 Ya(Album Version)" which is now as of 7/20/2013 on radio! The new songs will be re-summited to and previous ones removed. Fun music video's clips and rehearsal footage is here for you Here you can hear demo clips and song samples too. Markie has also just performed his first ever outdoor concert for Reno Nevada Gay Pride with good reviews(2013). Was not the epic performance Markie wanted to give, but was still memorable. He learned a lot! Markie even made the local Channel 2 News and local News and Review paper(2013). is the best place to buy, hear and see the eccentric, dynamic, entertainer that is Markie! Markie redeemed himself this year at Reno Pride by giving a better performance then the prior year and shocking people with costume changes(2014). The show was 80% of what Markie wanted to do, but leaps better then 2013 show. All though Markie had to cancel the "Be Near Me Tour 2015" due to health related issues. Markie still managed to perform for the fans of Reno NV at Reno Gay Pride. Markie has fully recovered from 2015. Markie also relocated to Las Vegas, NV in March 2017 current. UMG Universal Music Group is remastering all the albums and singles and they will be re-released late 2019. Markie has moved to Vegas (2016) for many reasons, one of many is more opportunities for him and is much more Gay friendly. Markie is currently working on remastering all the previous released music and recording brand new music as well. Lots of late fall releases. Markie promises it will be a huge splash! Just stay turned for all the up coming excitement. There is so much more I still can't say just yet!