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Channel 2 News Reno

Hey Guys, Reno Pride made the Channel 2 local news. How cool right! Click on the link and watch it. You can hear the me singing through the whole 47 sec segment. Also Dean is a good friend too. (Clip Is no longer posted, sorry)


Some local press about The Reno Gay Pride performers Ect 


Click on the link and enjoy my first UK radio interview of 2016 with the fabulous DJ Keza. It will be a fun interview and will be about new music tour and new manager. You can also chat live with me during the interview. It will be live 1:30 am PST (Pacific Standard Time) please check your local listings or the time different in your country. Excited to chat with you soon! This will be my first live event.

Note To My Fans


Welcome to my official website. The home of all things Markie. I appreciate all of you and you're amazing love and friendships. I will slowly be improving this site as times goes on. This is just the start. I have been working hard on the follow up to my first CD 'THE LOOK' which dropped April 8,2014. The follow up CD is called 'Be Near Me' and will feature 18 new cover tracks on Amazon now. I have also been working on my first all original material album which will drop this summer 2017. As well as the much anticipated Christmas CD dropping November 2017. I can tell you one song is called "You're A Bad Man" another is "You Can't Say Anything" which is about the fact we lost freedom of speech and how you cant say a thing now days. Some of the music in Audio section are demos and clips that won't be used and yet others are pre-demo. You can get my first single EP "Sugar Daddy" from my new CD BE NEAR ME By clicking the link in music section. The single will include two non album bonus tracks, Instrumental, and Original demo version on a 5 track EP, also has an amazing cover I created. "Sugar Daddy" the music video is on my Youtube channel and will be on Markie Vevo soon too. Markie has to set some time aside to edit the music video for the remix video of "Send Me An Angel'89! Markie also wants to give a shout out Kevin whom produced Reno Nevada Gay Pride. I was able to perform for 4 years in a row with this date Aug 15, 2015 being the last time anyone would perform for Reno Gay Pride. Kevin pasted away from cancer later in 2015. Though Kevin and I did have very few difference, he was a great person and gave me the opportunity to le to perform and sing live, on stage with no lip syncing 7 song, 4 costume changes . You can now see the the video clips on this site or check then out on his youtube channel. They were again just for me to learn and get better. The Half Breed tour was cancelled in 2016. Markie also released his second single "Dance Hall Days"which is becoming quite a hit. Markie is going to have UMG Universal Music Group remaster all tracks and all the muisic and singles will be re-released this summer 2017. 

"I'll Tumble 4 Ya" Live Reno Gay Pride 2015

"Dance Hall Days" (UHD 4K) Live Reno Pride 2015

'Sugar Daddy"(HD Music VIdeo)

"Dance Hall Days"( HD Video)

Markie - "Half-Breed" live Reno Gay Pride 2015

Send Me An Angel'89 (UHD 4K)

"Send Me An Angel'89(MDanceRadioEdit)" Trailer

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Markie "Catch Me I'm Falling" live Reno Gay Pride