We All Sleep Alone

Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond Child


Once I had "Send Me An Angel'89" down I wanted to do another song that would really showcase some vocals. Send Me was kind of same tone throughout the song. No real breakout moments. I have loved this one and knew it had breakout vocal moments.This one was a Bitch! It was great to do but was hard to knockout. In fact, I actually dropped it twice from the CD. Recorded it five times. After getting into the mixing studio, played with it a lot and I was able to save the best track. The problem was I had to belt it out like a mad man to get the emotion of the song right. In doing this the recording when out of the safe range while recording causing a little rougher voice then I actually had. I think it came out good in the end. It shows I have some vocal range ability. One of the big things I wanted to share with the fans. I will never stay the same. There will be vocal challenges for me along the way. This was one is fun and it rocks. I even looped the guitar in twice to make it like the Cher 1988 Uninhibited Perfume comercial (Remember those). Anyways, I love guitar and rock so here it is for you guy! At this point this one has also be Cut from the CD. UPDATE: This song was so wrong for me from the start, in the future I might re-record it to give it a different feel, but as it stands this one is just demo, and bad at that...