Self Control

Giancarlo Bigazzi, Raffaele Riefoli, Steve Piccolo


I recorded this one for three reasons. I always thought Laura Branigan was always underrated as a singer, she had amazing talent. That's one reason, the other I love the guitar at the beginning of this song. I also love the arrangement that this song. I'm getting request for this one live all the time. This updated version is amazing! I spent days and days to get this mix just right. Let me tell you, this and all the songs on the CD have taken many many creative turns until they were just right. Many Many hours of fine tuning have went into each track, this one was no exception. I left in the guitar part so you know what I am talking about. The start of this song is banging, I added effects to bring the classic guitar parts and melodies into modern times. I love this song, had amazing time recording it! I think this one needs some extra credit, so I'm re-recording it the right way it was meant to be and have added it to BE NEAR ME TOUR 2015! I think people love this one as much as me and it is quite catchy..I can't wait to perform it live.. new version will be on a single as a bonus track..