Let Me Be The One

Lewis Martineé


Lead singer of Expose' Gioia Bruno is like family to me. We are quite close. She has already helped my career hugely with helpful advice. I had to record this one. It is a surprise to her that I it will be on a future album. I actually did pull it. The reason was, I recorded this one again, and again, and again never got it just right. Until now! Here is the new re-worked version with the same vocal. I think this was the hardest of all the tracks. I wanted to go for notes I don't have. Then I heard Expose's (Gioia's) new take on the song from 2012. I thought ok, I can do a cross between the two. I loved the emotion this song has. Though It was only a #2 Billboard Dance Club hit and #7 on Billboard singles chart in 1987. I wanted to do a Gioia Bruno song from Expose'. The real reason to, out of all the Expose' songs I love, I Love, Love, LOVE this one most! The beat box at the beginning. I also overall was not to satisfied with my vocals and dropped this one off the album a couple times. After much playing with Mixing/Mastering. Then end result its acceptable. Might not be the breakout track I wanted but it's ok!