Hot In The City

Billy Idol


This one is also a fan favorite and was pulled from my Live Reno Pride gig at the last min. Though I loved the thought of doing this song, after it was done. I was not so thrilled with it. Like Cher maybe I'm no the best for picking my own songs. Or at least hits. LOL Anyway, it's here I made it a little different as It need something to make it shine. It's cool. I might sing it live in the future. Family loves this one. I kept on the CD. Had thought about dropping it too. I kept it in. How about that RENO! My sister loves this one.UPDATE: I re-mixed this one to the best of my ability, might still need a re-record to nail it they way I want. Which I am up for...not not a fan of the song to sing it live, parts are strange and make no sence, but is a great summer song...This one will be on the new CD.