Dark Lady

John Durrell


Have loved this song since I was a little boy. Feel in love with the amazing voice of Cher at age 3, singing 'Sing Se La Vie', ok well trying to sing. LOL Became huge fan in 1987. My dad said it was just a faze. Well here we are 27 years later and still a huge fan. It's my distinct honor to do justice on this 1974 #1 Hit song for Cher. I hope you all like my rendition. It is a bitch of a song to record, sing, I had to learn how to approach it. Re-recorded three times to get it just right. Will be mixed/mastered and rocking even more come album release time. I really gave my all on this one. This one I debated to do live, maybe in the future...It's a tough song as its so word oriented, and timing has to be spot on...but fun to sing..well see..