"You're A Bad Man" written by Markie is coming together!

Hey guys

 I took a much needed break from the cover CD to work on the new self-penned CD. I created the music to three or so new songs. I think that makes 15 so far. I just have to make the lyric's match, and figure out the correct way I want each song to be done. I am ubber excited as these songs will be amazing. I do mean amazing. They are all so very very different then anything I have ever done. 

 One of the new songs working title is "Jam", another is "You Are Not Alone" the music creativity flowed this weekend. I cant wait to finish the follow up CD of covers. Should be a 9 track CD. 

 My new self-penned CD will be very new, very dance and very R&B. I think the songs are very cool. I think it will skyrocket my career. Honesty into the dance clubs. Well see, one creates are but you never know what people are going to like...