Hey guys it's a new month. Never made it into the studio last week, just not enough time with company ect. I am on schedule to record this week. I will keep you posted and will finish "Can't Say Anything". I will be starting "Catch Me I'm Falling". I hope to complete this one as well. 

I have also talked to Ryan and he is not able to shoot the video for many reasons. I will be looking for another video guy this week too. Will keep you guys posted. 

The cover album two is coming along as well. Just have three more songs to add to make it right and ready. Then it hits the mixer and mastering process. I have changed the release date again. Looks like April 7, 2015 might be a good date to get the Be Near Me Album out with a two singles. 

 One from the album and the other from the fourth-coming album which I wrote, which is still untitled thus far. The single I wrote will be "Can't Say Anything" and shooting for April 7,2015 release as well.

 I am always writing and creating and learning new things about what I can do in music and graphics. I believe the cover of the singles and album will be simple and photo's of me. Leaning to create fun artwork has been a total fun process that I'm enjoying. 

That's about all for now...keep it here for more Markie News! 

Markie :-)