Where Is Markie????

Hello everyone! Hope your all doing well! Sheesh it has been since Aug since the last posting! WOW! Shit, I have been fighting off Pneumonia that almost killed me in late September. Went to Two Dr. one to get a full physical. He said I have Stress, (No shit, from stage show in Reno)and Anxiety and It's in my head. Two weeks later at work I almost pass out, and went to the local Urgent Care and they said the same thing. Well then a week later I had to go to Emergency. I had pneumonia for 4 months and didn't know it. Crazy Huh! That is why the Video's of my show in Reno I'm winded a lot as I had pneumonia then. While in Hospital as I was there 7 days. Dr. Collapsed my left lung 4 times, three the first time. The second time I was back in the hospital for 4 days they had to do surgery on me to correct it. All 100% Dr.s fault. Thus no singing til 2016. Have to make sure the lung is back in form.

 Anyway, I have just about fully recovered. No singing however until 2016. Which again pushed off the Christmas CD off yet another year. In 2016 there will be some really good shows, new self wrote CD and Christmas one for sure. Just have to get to 2016. No shows are set in stone, with the exception of Russian River in June. Dates will be posted.

 Hope all had a great Halloween. I took my 7 year old sister trick or treating twice in our area. Once on Friday night then again in Minden, NV on Saturday night. I even got much candy too. Was fun, but was not 100% then so kind of pushed it. Was about 90% then. I am about 99% now. Glad to be me again. Been one hellish year!

 I am looking for Key West, FL vacation next week. I have even put up my Christmas Tree already so I wont have to when I get back. Plus loosing a week of enjoyment of the work that it takes to transform the house into Christmas if put up in Dec. one can only enjoy it for 4 weeks. Not enough for this Christmas lover. My favorite time of year! I love the Holidays.

 We also have had two snow storms so far this year. Which is very early. Another snow storm on Sunday and more storms later in the following week. Well I think that pretty much catches us up. 

 Cher tweeted me yesterday, I had asked her, "Cher did you watch the GOP debate? Thought?" in classic awesome Cher style, her response "When Pigs Fly!!". That made me laugh so much. Love her, makes about 16 tweets from her now. I'm part of what Cher loving calls "Cher Crew". On that note, I'm off to bed...Have a great weekend! XO-Markie