Ty Hernon & Billy Gilman both come out Nov 20 2014

Hello everyone,

 I usually don't speak of these things. Today is an exception. Ty Hernon and Billy Gilman both came out as Gay on November 20th, 2014. They have the major courage to come out and both work in the country music industry where it still is homophobic. 

 I follow both of these guys on twitter and have given them kudo's for there courage to be who they are. They music is still the same, so why should it be a problem for them to create more amazing music? Both or multimillion selling singers. 

Billy started at age 12 and is now sexy at 26 years of age. His first hit was called "One Voice". 

 Ty Hernon was married and divorced twice before meeting Matt whom he is currently seeing. Ty first hit was 1995's "What Mattered Most". Ty is 52 years old. 

 I tip my hat to both guys again for the courage to come out, and bring a movement to Nashville and the country industry. 

I just thought this was great news. The barriers keep getting knocked down one person at a time. Someday Gay will be a non issue. An artist can then be able to make the incredible art they do without any prejudice over who they are.

Love Markie