"Sugar Daddy" Has been sent to over 80+ stores tonight! YAY!

Hello everyone,

 I'm very excited to announce that the first single "Sugar Daddy"(Single Version) has been sent to all 80+ stores and Itunes has it now. They are working on the the pre-order page at Itunes tonight should be up for EP pre-order on Saturday AM. 

 I will be doing a tweet session tonight to chat with the folks on twitter about the new single and album "BE NEAR ME" which drops in January. This time around all tracks will be master by Universal Music Group before being sent to my distributor to retail sale. This process takes time, and money. Thus the delay of second album. I also have two more songs to complete the 2nd full CD.

 Until then, the new single "Sugar Daddy"(Single Version) is going to be form of a music video and ringtone as well. I really believe in this song over any other I have recorded to date. I hope this one hits the Itunes charts this time with some good record sales.

 I meet this coming week in Reno with two video people and one photographer to come up with the concept of the music video for "Sugar Daddy". I will keep you posted. I will also be doing a photo session on the set of the new music video. Shooting date is planned for sometime this month or in January 2015. 

 It's the holidays and most of the music biz is about to go on a three week holiday. So shooting the video will be most likely shot at UNR in Reno, which is the local college there. 

 Well, see what we can come up with. I will post the links as I get them for pre-sale on Itunes, Amazon on Demand. IMG_4011.PNG