"Sugar Daddy" goes Pre-Order Dec 4, 2014, then drops 12/9/14

Hello everyone, 

 The site is back up and running smooth. Had some issues that need taken care of. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I did a full feast for 5 really close friends and my BF Alex came as well. Was really awesome to have him there. Made my Thanksgiving for sure. I will post pics of us soon.

 Anyways, the Christmas album is on hold until Dec 2015. Sorry guys. It's way to late. However the first single is now at the Distributors and will be available for the first time ever as a pre-order with a holiday discount. This will be available for pre-order on Dec 4,2014. The single is "Sugar Daddy" and will feature 5 tracks.

1)Sugar Daddy

2)Sugar Daddy(Instumental)

3)Sugar Daddy(Demo)

4)Send Me An Angel'89(First Vers.)

5)I'll Tumble 4 Ya!(Alt. Vers.)

When you pre-order you will instantly get "Sugar Daddy" song 1, and you can preview 90 seconds of each song. This can be pre-ordered at Itunes and Google Play. Both will be doing a huge promotional page for the pre-orders. I'm excited to try this new pre-order feature.

 Also On Dec 9,2014 the album if you pre-order will download automatically on both Itunes and Amazon. Amazon on demand will also have the physical hard CD if you want the jewel case with artwork. The pre-order will also be at a holiday discounted price.

 This will be the first single before the album 'BE NEAR ME' drops in late Jan 2015. Reason for the delay, the holidays all the stores take several weeks off and in turn puts projects in delays. I never knew this until this past week. Late Jan for the follow up to 'THE LOOK'. 

 The tour is on track for a start in Late Spring. The tour will be called BE NEAR ME TOUR 2015. I will working on t-shirts, mugs ect. The photo shoot for the cover of the CD has not be set yet. I did make the cover of the single, with willie wonka and candy look was what I was shooting for since the song is called "Sugar Daddy".

 I'm putting a team together to shoot the music video in Dec. The video has no real direction at this time or theme. I think I might have to wear the warrior outfit and face paint. I also think the video should have a girl or two and a guy or two. Will be looking into that. I have two people to contact so far. I will post more information as it comes my way.

 That's about it for now. Will post more things as they happen. 2015 will be a huge year. Two new album. One I wrote. I have also been working on the lyric to music on "Can't Say Anything". Which was also supposed to be done by Dec. Well, see. I have been so focused on the second album and getting the songs perfected for the release, that I have not had much time to work and finish it. 

 Not sure the title for that album, but leaning toward Markie-You Cant Say Anything well see. Also want to record some I wrote years ago. But well see what happens. Will take the first part of 2015 to really work on those. I am excited for all these projects. I hope you all like them too..Enjoy your Turkey Evening! Love Markie

PS The photo below is the new single finalized cover!