So much is happening! WOW!

Hey guys,

 So much is happening. First and foremost, Be Near Me CD is complete. The music just needs to be mastered. Have had five songs mastered of the 12 so far. They are awesome. I must say this album will be heavily promoted. I see lots of Radio airplay with this one. I also hope to get the remix video done this coming week. I re-recorded the vocal and just listened to it this afternoon. I believe it's yet a way better vocal then anything else to date.

 There are many songs that I can just keep listening to. The first CD I can honestly say I don't ever listen to. There were about 3 songs that were good. I can hear all the mistakes. This album, BE NEAR ME, so far five of the twelve are just really good.

 Vocally I have feel I sound so much better. Which is the way it should be. Growth, experience takes time. The vocals are really fun, playful and good. I plan on making many music video's too. I feel this CD will really get me out there between May 2015 and May 2016.

 After this amazing fun CD is release May 5, 2015. I will start rehearsals for the Aug 15 live show. Also shoot some video for THE VOICE. Yes I will be sending in an Audition tape for the show too. Would be awesome to be chosen. I think I'm about ready to step up my career vocally now. I have so much more confidence in my ability and in my vocals and stage presence then I have ever had.

 I am excited for a really fun rest of 2015 and 2016 I'm planning to knock it out of the part with the Big BE NEAR ME TOUR 2016. I have created the songs for the show, have the dance numbers down, and a couple new costume's for the shows.

 I am excited, ready and cant wait to start rehearsals for Aug 15th Reno NV Pride. I have learned so much from The Voice and being prepared and you're nerves will subside. I get stage fright for about 1 min then I relax and can focus on delivering a fun vocal and dance show performance. Ok guys lots more to come...keep it here...Markie