New Tour is coming together! Whoop Whoop!

Hey everyone,

 So I have been working on music like mad to create a new tour show. I really only have two full 30 Min shows set this year. I just out most of the dates until 2016. That will be a Big tour. I will keep you posted for other dates as they come in. 

 I had to pull "Shock The Monkey" from the tour line up. About to pull 'Half-Breed" as well. I think the show should start with a bang. It's going to include two dancers this time around. The two best girls. Rehearsals start in two weeks. I have to narrow down the songs to perform for the new tour. It's hard to do since I have such a catalog of songs now. 

 "How does Cher choose the songs"??? Anyway, I really wanted to do "Shock The Monkey" for this album, but after giving it two weeks to try it's just not right for me vocally. I love the song. 

 I will be trying this week. "Two To Make It Right", yes it is a #1hit in both USA and AUS in 1990 for the girl group Seduction. I am excited to try to record this one. I will if it goes amazingly as I think, will use this to kick off the tour as the opening number. 

I have some amazing dance ideas and think that will be perfectly Choreographed with my two female dances. They are so good. 

As it stands I am not sure I can pull off a male version of the dance hit. I will be giving it the best vocals I can. It's was a huge hit for Seduction. Lead singer Michelle Visage has been a twitter friend for a few years Love her. She is mostly seen on the amazingly successful Logo TV original series 'RuPaul's Drag Show'. 

 I will keep you all posted. Also in talks to create the video for "Sugar Daddy" my video guy is still tied to a movie. He will be done shortly and I will announce a date, place and time the music video shoot will take place.

Love Markie