Blog get revamp and more updates

Hey guys,

 I am revamping the website to bring it into 2015 with a new look, new colors, will upload new video's soon and new photo's. I have so many, need to spend a day and rock out updates. This year is going to be a three CD release year. Several Pride performances. More music videos and lots of rehearsals. 

 I am very excited for a big 2015 year in music for me. New Merchandise will be launched in Feb 2015. Tee's, Cups, mugs ect. I will post links as these things happen. 

 I also get back into the studio soon. February I also get my wisdom teeth removed and spring I get braces (Invisiline). By summer I will be on my way to a pretty smile. Very excited about that. 

 Will be great for future music video's. Speaking of video's everyone is after me about doing another one. I will be re-posting a wanted add to find the right guys to shoot this video for "Sugar Daddy", and see if they can make a video remix for "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)". I will be taking down time after wisdom teeth are removed to work on my video editing skills. I want to have the dance clubs play the music video.

 Well, see what happens. Hang here for the latest on new Markie news.

Love Markie :-)