Markie Update...!

Hello everyone! I revamped the site and will be updating "Be Near Me" CD release date. I have not been able to finish the last two songs as of yet. My tonsils flared up last week and I don't want to wreck my voice. I will try to get into the studio this week. As long as my Tonsils don't flare up, I can finish what I need to, to get the two remaining songs done. 

 I will also get then remastered too. Which also take a bit of time. All will be done and released in May. I am really sorry about cancelling Sonoma County(Russian River) live show. I am looking forward to recovering fully by the end of June 2015. I will be with Expose', Taylor Dayne, Stevie B, Pretty Poison etc on June 26th in San Jose, Ca. 

 I am looking forward to see the girls since it has been since Sept 2012 since hangin' with the group Expose'. I have not met Taylor Dayne, we have tweeted a few times though. I am looking forward to this being my first 2015 vacation away from day job too.

 I'm still looking forward to giving you guys my all in Reno, NV for Pride this year in Aug. 2015. The show will be polished and in perfected. It will be taped as well. Looking forward to doing this one gig this year.

 Planning the 'Be Near Me Tour' for 2016. Starting with a live show for NYE. This is in the works. I will be hiring help, manager, agent and publicist later this year to help get this tour on the road. A road manager will be needed as well as at least two dancers that will go with me on the road. 

 The album should be a success. "The Look" has just been re-launched on 80+ digital stores and you can get the physical album on Hard to believe the album and singles have been released over 1 year now. 

 With the remixed video for "Send Me An Angel'89" I will be re-releasing my two singles for "Send Me An Angel'89" and "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" with my current distributor. Both singles will be re-recorded and re-mastered before the release in May. 

 I am hoping the video will get lots of club airplay. It will be so clubby. Will also be working on the remix video this week. Will work on the next video and new single release too. 

I am keeping busy with writing, and learning to do video and day job. It's been great. Also looking forward to summer. I will be working in the coming months on a digital press kit that reviews and booking agents can download and use to promote my new CD and tour. 

 I hope you like the revamped webpage. I have fun changing it up every so often. Ok guys, keep it here or twitter or instagram or my facebook for the latest...Markie