Markie is slowly getting better! Album release delayed...

Hello Everyone, 

 I'm slowly feeling better. I have been fighting tonsil issues for three weeks. I only have four more to go, then they get removed and I can simply recover from that and be over it all. Trust me I am counting the days. Today was aweful starting out, but has since gotten better. 

  I am delaying the album release until June. I want to be in good spirits for the release and it's just not going to happen this month. I'm really sorry everyone. I will post the finalized release date as it gets closer. 

 In other news, I can't sing for a while which is putting delay in the Christmas CD start and the recording of my self penned CD. I wont even begin to start either project until late June/early July. I will however be able to start rehearsals in late june for the Aug Reno Pride performance. More information will be released as that show gets closer.

 That is about it. I have not completed the remix music video for Send Me An Angel'89 either. I have on days off of day job just been relaxing and trying to feel better. This tonsilitis is kicking my ass. I have not wanted to begin work on anything, just fatigued and energyless. 

 I read that tonsils that cause this much issue, also is related to Epstein Barr, which is debilitating energy zapping virus. Cher has has boughts with Epstein Barr for years. 

 Anyway, I will resume recording and rehearsals as soon as I get these damn tonsils out of me and I recover from two week recovery period. 

 Thats about it for now.. Markie