Hello Everyone,

 I am in recovery since last Tuesdays wisdom tooth extraction. I have three removed the only three left lol. It has been quite an ordeal. I have a follow up DR. appointment this Tuesday at 2:30 pm. Will find out when I can start my exercise program, sing and get back to normal. 

 After I recover from this, I have to have Tonsils out in roughly a month or so. Doing these surgeries in between getting the next album out and recording the self wrote and christmas one. Has been more challengeing then ever. 

 I will get most of the tracks on the 2nd cover CD to the mastering process next week. Will still have about 5 or so still to finish. I can sing most likely for a few more weeks. Which is really chapping my hide. Cause I love to sing and record and be productive.

 It was not vocals that have been causing my vocals to seem to swell. It was tonsils. Looking at late April for removal of those. Then I can really sing and hit those high notes and sore much better.  

 That's about all. Oh, I bought the albums (physical hard copies) to see how they looked. They are awesome. $15.02 though amazon on demand. Each. Quite pricey. But, worth it. A lot of hard work went into those. I must say the next CD will be even better.

 Oh I will be working on the website this week too. Updates, upgrades. I will be adding my instagram account to you can see my fun life though photo's and you can follow me on instagram too. 

 My twitter seems to be doing very well on the website, I enjoy checking it out too. Fun to see my interaction with my celebrity friends. I hope you all continue to enjoy it as well....

Markie :-)