Markie is back folks!

Hello everyone,

 I am excited to have my full strength back. I can now start working out to build up stamina for the Aug show. Very excited about that too. This week I meet up with a new dancer Hunter out of Reno NV. That will be fun. We meet Tuesday. I also start alterations on costumes and coming up with new ones as well this week.

 Not sure if July 14 will be the Album release date I might hold off until Aug. or later July. Well see, seven tracks still need to be master out. I added more tracks that I think are good. The album should have around 15 tracks, 4 bonus tracks or 5. 

 I am excited to work on the remix video for "Send Me An Angel'89"(Dance Version). I had no time while sick to work on that. But will get it done and posted ASAP.

 I also want to shoot a video for the next single. I most likely will wait to use footage from Aug 15th live show. Since that live performance will be taped in HD. For some reason I don't any footage from last years performance other then what I posted on You Tube.

 That's about all for now. I will keep you posted...

Love Markie