Markie hits the Studio this week!

Hi everyone, 

 I am A ok from wisdom teeth removal. Tonsils will have to wait until the fall. Working on the Soma County Russian River Pride show. Looking for new dancers as well, also hitting the studio this week to finish "Can't Say Anything" and start the last two songs for the BE NEAR ME CD. 

 I will also be finally starting the gym too. It's time, I need to get into shape to do the show and do rehearsals as well. Looking forward to doing both. 

 I have also messed around with graphics for the album cover and some inner sleeves too. Will have a new line of clothing, for this two show concert this year. Not really a tour, and I might be to late for Russian River again this year. I believe, I need to work finishing the albums and get a new single out and shoot some videos. I am going to work on some video's this weekend as well. 

I am a good video editor I should come up with something. I have three cool programs as well. I might also do another Dj set for fun too. 

Busy working fun weekend. That is about all for now. The NE NEAR ME CD will drop in Mid April. Still shooting for that. I believe a new video will be ready by the end of April.

 I am working on a Remix video for "Send Me An Angel'89" and will see what I come up with. The video's will be ready in a few weeks. Then I will upload them to my VEVO and VEMEO channels as well as my You Tube channel which is amazing at over 230,000 views so far. 

 More later....