Just Checking in guys!

No real news to report. I am excited to get promoting the new CD release this coming June. With UK radio interviews, US video spots and US radio airplay for a few new singles. "Send Me An Angel'89" and "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" as well as "Dance Hall Days" will be first of several single releases. I just am waiting until after June 15th, because I am having tonsils removed. Will need to recover from surgery. I can't wait to be done with surgery and get working on the Reno Nevada live show.

 I will continue to make the live show the best to date. I will be working on the music again this week. I just am not sure what is 100% yet, which songs to add or remove. I will get it together this weekend.It's fun to come up with the music for a live show. Fun to create a costume for each song too. 

 I love live entertaining. I look forward to the tour in 2016. Hoping to lock in quite a number to live shows next year. I know that will be a blast, I will be in amazing shape. Over all this personal aliments that have been going on so for throughout 2015. LOL

 I am excited about the new CD Be Near Me and I really hope everyone likes it as much or more then me. I really worked hard to come up with the best songs that I love. I also thing many are catchy and have amazing hooks. They get into your mind and people go around singing them. 

 That's what a good song can do is stick in peoples heads and make then feel happy! If my albums and singles can just make one persons day a little brighter then, that makes all the hard work well worth it.

Love, Markie