Happy Easter Fans and Friends!

Well guys, it's official new manger is done. He is pushing me to get my ass in gear and get cracking on three albums, tour and a book. Very exciting news. I just got the information that rehearsals for Northern Nevada Pride are May 1. I will be auditioning for this then. Which is very exciting. 

 I have a chapter done of the book. No working title yet. It will be Markie The First Time about the first time things happen in my life and extensive explanations and details about each thing from my first Job to my first Halloween costume, my first kiss, my first dog. Things I think people would find interesting. 

 I also have started the first song that will be on the first album I wrote. The song is called "We Can't Say Anything" will be performed in my live shows too. The album will have at least 9 tracks. It is very much a dance album with maybe a ballad or two. I'm super excited to get working on this in between dance rehearsals for the tour and music takes and dance numbers.

 I am also in the works to find a photographer to shoot new stills for new Markie swag I have been talking about for months. I think you all will love the tank tops and tees I have chosen. The links will be posted as soon as the photo session is completed. I will keep you updated.

 The second CD is another round of cover songs, a little more eclelectic array of songs from 70's 80's 90's. Stuff I love and always wanted to cover. More information will be posted in time as well.

 The third CD is the infamous Christmas one. I start work on it in July 2016. Re-recording "This Christmas" and "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" which the video will be shot in South Lake Tahoe in December 2016 during the slay ride event. 

 Very exciting news. Keep it here for the latest. I will be posting tour dates very soon. My Manager Jeremy is working a lot on them and I am taking some vocal lessons to work on some pitch issues that are easily corrected. 

 Thanks guys for being here and check out the sight. Your all appreciated!

Love, Markie