HAPPY 2015

Hello everyone! I hope your Christmas and New Years went well. It was a dead time to produce or get anything done for Dec. Most of the places and including my distributor take most of Dec off. Which was great it allowed me to take a much needed break from my life full of music. I was able to spend time with my Mom and sister for Christmas. I spent Christmast Eve with my guy. (We have split since, LOL, It's ok) 

 The new single I believe is doing good. I will be promoting it throughout the coming months. The video was also put on hold. Prodcution will resume later this month. We also have had no winter really to speak of. Which will be great to shoot the music video for "Sugar Daddy". 

 The new album is done. Just have to send each track to Universal Music Group for final mastering. That takes time. The album will be release in February 2015. The new tour will be coming together as well. Some new costumes, new songs, new dance moves. 'BE NEAR ME TOUR" 2015 kicks off in May in Palm Springs, Ca. 

I am working hard on the album I wrote and is all original, dance, upbeat. I want to try to finished one of the songs and release it before spring. That album will drop in the fall. 

That is about it for now. Hope your enjoying the new twitter feed on the website. 

Markie :-)