Hello Everyone, well it's getting closer (Tonsil Surgery). I have been away a bit, no singing, no really able to do to much and not really wanting to talk to anyone about it. 

 But alas, today I'm feeling 99% myself after four days in bed. I can totally relate to how Cher must have felt when learning she had Epstein Barr Syndrome, which is right on the cusp of what I have in tonsalitis. 

 After four days of much needed rest I feel good, and had brunch with MOM for her 65th bday today. That was a blast. After brunch I came home and ran out again to get a hair cut before work. My hair has been looking aweful as of late.

 I put the top down and got a little sun today. 88 degrees today here in Carson City, NV. Supposed to be 90 degrees Sunday. Well just wanted to share with you all that, I am feeling better. Surgery is still set in stone june 12th. I am over excited to get it done and I can move on. 

 I can after recovery time, get back into the studio to work on my third and fourth CD. Nothing can be done until after. Also rehearsals for the Reno Pride Show Aug 15th. Ok guys, will keep in touch. 

Oh one last new thing. I learned how to transfer video/DVD from HD to UHD 4K and will uploading the first "Send Me An Angel'89" music video in that untra high def on my You Tube channel. The first UHD 4K video I made will be release Sunday May 31st. 

 I will posting all my video's in UHD 4K from here onward. I hope you all enjoy the Utra High Def versions. I will also have a 3D version too. I will be working and have been working on the remix "Send Me An Angel"89(MarkieRadioEdit)"video as well...Keep it here...Markie