Been a while!

Hello guys,

 Been a while since I posted. I had fun a few days ago spending many hours on Twitter and getting alot of new followers including the producer of Sharknado. He was very cool! That has been fun and new facebook followers too. 

 It's been a busy few months, I am back to the gym to tone up for the new live shows that are being planned this year. I have a meeting Wed with a potential new manager/assistant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I really am at the point where I need more help then just me. Which is very exciting!

 I also have been working on a new track called "When The Going Gets Tough(The Tough Get Going)" a cover of the amazing Billy Ocean hit song from Jule Of The Nile movie. I have just about nailed the track and it will be finished in the coming weeks.

 I also am working on the self penned CD and another cover CD. The self wrote CD will include "We Can't Say Anything" which was originally called "Can't Say Anything" and will be reworking my vocals on the song to make it a dance singing track not so much of a rap.

 I am also starting work on a book. I feel it would be great to a biography but, I think it might be to early to do that. So the book will be more of my first time experiences with elaborated explanations. 

 I think Cher's The First Time book was a great idea and though mine wont be the exact same, it will be a little similar. I am planning the release it on Amazon first in Early Nov 2016.

 I am also working on new costumes for the new Markie Extravaganza Tour 2016. New live show music and it has been a blast. Major dance numbers this time around. I am excited to also have this summer new swag for the true die hard fans which is also exciting.

 I am going to complete the Christmas album in a few months and release it in early November 2016 as well. Finally! Haa. I know right, Markie get it together its only been 3 years lol! 

 On the health front, I am back better then ever and working out again to be able to do this 40 min stage show. There is a lot of Choreography in this show this time. Working on getting two more dancers as well. Lots of insync dance numbers. Will be really fun.

 That is about it. I will post new blog around Wed night after the meeting with potential new manager. You can buy my current albums and singles anytime here on the site. Love you guys-Markie