BE NEAR ME TOUR (Cancelled) Until 2016

Hello Everyone,

 Some really interesting news. The Be Near Me Tour is cancelled until 2016. I will be performing Reno Pride this year in Aug. Might add a couple more shows for the fall. I have to have surgery in the next month or so. Because of this I wont be able to have the effective time to get the show rehearsed in time for Sonoma Counties Pride at Russian River in early part of June.

 The surgery I'm having is to have my tonsils removed. This is a three week recovery period with at least 1 month of no singing. I will release the CD before the surgery. It will be delayed until May 2015. 

 I will be working hard on my weekend this week to record and finish the last song for the album. I wont start work on the my self penned CD until after the surgery and recovery period. 

 In the meantime, it's gives me great pleasure to report I can make music video's now. I will be making them from stills and video clips I have over the years. The new trailer for "Sugar Daddy" is now on my YouTube channel and is viewable here. 

 Not only did I add the trailer but I also have my first ever attempt at making a music video. The full version of "Sugar Daddy(SingleMix)" is also on my Vemeo and YouTube channels as well has here at MarkieRocks. 

 I will be making the remix music video for "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" this weekend. It roughly takes 4 hours to mix, and nail the video clips just right. I'm really looking forward to re-creating the magic of "Send Me An Angel" the single that launched my music singing career.

 I will also be looking into being a part of a Fashion Show in Reno, NV In May 2015. I might have the surgery in May, but right now its set for June 2nd. Things may change....

 Anything else to report? The single "Sugar Daddy" will be getting radio airplay starting April 17,2015. On most national digital radio stations.

 I will be updating the website the plays my singles on Digital Radio to reflect the new music video and concert dates ect. 

Ok everyone, have a great week! Hope you all enjoyed you're Easter. Mine as fun. I had brunch with family and worked later in the day. XO Markie