BE NEAR ME CD gets accepted by Distributor

Hi guys, so cool news on July 31 my album was excepted by the distributor and was sent to over 80+ stores to be resented for Aug 10,2015 release worldwide. You can pre-order exclusively at Itunes Aug.7,2015 and you get three full tracks from the CD for pre-ordering. The CD has 4 Bonus tracks and a total of 18 tracks in all. The album will retail for $15.99. Physical copies will be for sale on Amazon on Demand shortly after Aug 10th.

 I am excited about this new CD. Again I believe its a fun body of work to listen to. I do find myself playing it in the car, at home and the Ipad. Where the first CD I never listen to it. 

 I will start this coming week the Christmas CD. That will be fun. I know a couple songs will be on it are "This Christmas" and "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" and a cover version of Michael Bubble's "Cold December Night". Have been looking at what other Christmas Classics are going to be fun to do. 

 Rehearsals are Wed Aug. 5, 2015 at 1 PM in Reno. I am still searching for one more dancer. Shrine is awesome and will be amazing. We just need one more. Hunter might show up or might not show Wed.