AUG 15 TH RENO PRIDE SHOW! Fast Approaching!

Ok guys, on other news. I have been working my ass off to get a show together for Reno Gay Pride for there 19th year. Elaborate and fun costumes, fun songs everyone will remember, and two dancers. It has been a trial and tribulation this year to find the perfect dancers, get the vocals back in shape, and yes I also started working out, to build stamina for the stage. I am I pushing it to much since surgeries, most likey yes. 

 I am obligated and I never fall back on obligations. Plus, I am excited to perform again. This will be the one and only show this year however. Wel, maybe a Christmas one off someplace. Well see...

 So come out 11 am on Aug 15, 2015 at Wing Field Park downtown Reno on the River Walk at the stage there. Will be some fun. Should make the news. I do know the second outfit will shock and impress. It is my favorite. Still new slipping up on the songs Im singing or outfit pictures. Until after showday.... Markie