OMG you guys, there is a minor delay for the album dropping today. I will be released June 23, 2015. Several tracks have not come back yet from being final mixed, plus I have been suffering from Tonsilitis. 

  I am excited that this is going to be the best album I have released to date. 12 songs which include 1)Dance Hall Days 2)Be Near Me 3)Love Is A Battlefield(Live Vers.)4)Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit) 5)Sugar Daddy 6)Promises,Promises 7)Catch Me I'm Falling 8)Sleeping Single In a Double Bed 9)Walk The Dinosaur 10)Half-Breed(live Vers.)(Bonus) 11)You Make My Dreams Come True(Bonus) 12)Hot In The City(Bonus) 

 That's the new album's 'BE NEAR ME' track listing. I am working on the Remix video should be done by June 2015! Excited to premiere the video. Will post it when it goes live! XO-Markie