ALBUM Delays...Ughh!

Hello everyone, after accepting the CD distributor said the song titles were not excepted. I needed to correct the ( ) those things. So I did that, but it was Wed and of course they didn't get back to re summit it on thursday or Friday, so I have to now called them Monday. What made me mad, Is I paid an extra $15 for pre-release for last Friday. I send the album tracks and titles in it July 20th! When I talk to them, I will let them know I want a refund of the $15. Cause this is the second time this has happened and I got nothing from the $15. 

 Anyways, the single was sent and approved and no issues there. I will drop worldwide Aug 13. The CD Be Near Me was supposed to drop Aug 10 this monday. That is not going to happen. I planned this out at the end of July too. 

 I will keep you posted on developments. Markie