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OMG 2018


OMG hey guys my first Blog of 2018. I really am excited to start getting back into blogging and recording new music and re-recording mastering and releasing this this year as well. Let me start with the move. I moved to Las Vegas this time last year. It has taken a full year to finally get smoother. I mean its getting to be home slowly. I was out of work all last year, other then being a Lyft Driver. I met some great guys Adam & Eric whom I was fortunate to room mate with and that worked well. They moved in Dec. I had to find a new place to live. I did with another amazing friend Karen. Where i reside now until May/June 2018 when I can get my own place and all my things from Cali. Yes I moved my stuff from IStorage in Carson City to my fathers in Cali. 

 Well, I also got a job with the amazing Icon Frank Marino Divas Las Vegas as his wardrobe assistant. The job is fabulous and going well. its only been a month but I'm ajusting just fine. I am looking forward to so many things this year. I have my weight in check 165 lbs. I have a few of my things now, my TV and computer, Tivo. I find myself watching 80's and 70's TV now. Sonny & Cher Comedy Hours and Cher Show are re-airing on Get TV. There is Cozi TV, Antena TV, Decades, and more. Watching Benson, Soap, My Two Dads, Growing Pains, Mr. Belevadere, Maude, Barney Miller, Mamas Family, Carol Burnett, and more

 The plan for the future is to Keep the amazing job, catch up my minor bills, and buy new car and move into my own place. May/June. Also get the music re-recorded mixed and master and re-released, release new CD and Christmas album too. Also new music videos. I moved to Vegas entertainment Capital! I'm really excited for the future. Stay tuned everyone. I also will be returning to Flair Nightclub to do Social Media for them again in April/May 2018. 




OMG Where has Markie Been


Where the heck has Markie been?

Marke Slated To perform R3 Hotel So Co Talent Idol


Hey guys, we are set to perform for So Co Talent Idol in Guerneville, CA June 22, 2016 at 7PM. Come out and see Markie and his dancers perform "Send Me An Angel'89" which will be live streamed too. Please see the ad below: 

Markie is rocking with new things soon!


Hey guys, the site is back up and going yay! Major news soon working on a ton of exciting things and getting tour together too. Just wanted to let you all know that site is up and going! Keep it here for more...Markie :-)

Hi guys, Lots Going on...


Hi guys, So much going on. My new manager Jeremy can now be reached at for books or appearances. Which is awesome! We are currently seeking three dancers for an new show. If your interested please contact him. 

 Jeremy also created my first QR which is on all my media. Its that cute little thing you scan with your cellphone or Tablet. Just download the QR reader app and scan. It takes you to this website. I think it is sweet. I will have it on my twitter, facebook, instagram, Vine, ect.

 The songs are currently being selected for the show. 3 live songs and 3 lysinc songs. Two full dancer numbers so I can change outfits. Three to four Costume changes. It's going to be an extravaganza. Very excited to be working on it.

 I am also working on three albums, and a book. Also re-recording 'She Blinded Me With Science" as my awesome manager has some cool ideas for a music video for this one. I just need to remove the over done effects. So that is happening this month. 

 I am also working on Re-Releasing "Send Me An Angel89" on my current distributor. With original artwork. The remix video is still in the works. It will remaster in UHD 4K as well. 

 I am also still working on the Christmas CD and the album I wrote. All taking lots of time to do. As well as the book. Playfully Titled Markie:The First Time. Since the book is somewhat autobiographical, but more interesting to people as it has stories behind the first time I did things. I think it's a bit more interesting at this time then a full Biography. 

 I think that is about it for now. Hope your all enjoying the spring. We are currently getting rain today...Love Markie

Happy Easter Everyone


Happy Easter to you all! I decided to go with this fun Easter color to to wish each of you a Happy and most wonderful Easter Sunday! I had brunch with my mom and family. Mom got me an easter basket full of fabulous goodies. See in my family one is never told old to celebrate the holidays to the fullest. I hope yours are all special as well. XO-Markie

Happy Easter Fans and Friends!


Well guys, it's official new manger is done. He is pushing me to get my ass in gear and get cracking on three albums, tour and a book. Very exciting news. I just got the information that rehearsals for Northern Nevada Pride are May 1. I will be auditioning for this then. Which is very exciting. 

 I have a chapter done of the book. No working title yet. It will be Markie The First Time about the first time things happen in my life and extensive explanations and details about each thing from my first Job to my first Halloween costume, my first kiss, my first dog. Things I think people would find interesting. 

 I also have started the first song that will be on the first album I wrote. The song is called "We Can't Say Anything" will be performed in my live shows too. The album will have at least 9 tracks. It is very much a dance album with maybe a ballad or two. I'm super excited to get working on this in between dance rehearsals for the tour and music takes and dance numbers.

 I am also in the works to find a photographer to shoot new stills for new Markie swag I have been talking about for months. I think you all will love the tank tops and tees I have chosen. The links will be posted as soon as the photo session is completed. I will keep you updated.

 The second CD is another round of cover songs, a little more eclelectic array of songs from 70's 80's 90's. Stuff I love and always wanted to cover. More information will be posted in time as well.

 The third CD is the infamous Christmas one. I start work on it in July 2016. Re-recording "This Christmas" and "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" which the video will be shot in South Lake Tahoe in December 2016 during the slay ride event. 

 Very exciting news. Keep it here for the latest. I will be posting tour dates very soon. My Manager Jeremy is working a lot on them and I am taking some vocal lessons to work on some pitch issues that are easily corrected. 

 Thanks guys for being here and check out the sight. Your all appreciated!

Love, Markie

Hey guys G RADIO LGBT Interview was fabulous


Hello everyone, so last nights G Radio LGBT UK station interview went very well. I am planning more interviews in the future and will post about them prior. Thank you to the amazing and quite dapper DJ Keza for taking the time to have me on again and for the wonderful interview. 

 The amazing thing about G Radio LGBT is they are always upbeat and never negative about anything. It's really refreshing. Thank you to the fans who tweeted me during the interview and facebook posts etc. It means a lot that the fans love the interaction as much as I do. -XO Markie


G RADIO SHOW WITH DJ KEZA Live 1:30 am March 27th!


Hi guys, check out my first UK interview in over 1 1/2 with the amazing DJ Keza on live at 1:30am PST March 27th! Check your local times and country. You can live chat with me too. Come on ask me ??? Excited to from you guys! XO -Markie

Been a while!


Hello guys,

 Been a while since I posted. I had fun a few days ago spending many hours on Twitter and getting alot of new followers including the producer of Sharknado. He was very cool! That has been fun and new facebook followers too. 

 It's been a busy few months, I am back to the gym to tone up for the new live shows that are being planned this year. I have a meeting Wed with a potential new manager/assistant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I really am at the point where I need more help then just me. Which is very exciting!

 I also have been working on a new track called "When The Going Gets Tough(The Tough Get Going)" a cover of the amazing Billy Ocean hit song from Jule Of The Nile movie. I have just about nailed the track and it will be finished in the coming weeks.

 I also am working on the self penned CD and another cover CD. The self wrote CD will include "We Can't Say Anything" which was originally called "Can't Say Anything" and will be reworking my vocals on the song to make it a dance singing track not so much of a rap.

 I am also starting work on a book. I feel it would be great to a biography but, I think it might be to early to do that. So the book will be more of my first time experiences with elaborated explanations. 

 I think Cher's The First Time book was a great idea and though mine wont be the exact same, it will be a little similar. I am planning the release it on Amazon first in Early Nov 2016.

 I am also working on new costumes for the new Markie Extravaganza Tour 2016. New live show music and it has been a blast. Major dance numbers this time around. I am excited to also have this summer new swag for the true die hard fans which is also exciting.

 I am going to complete the Christmas album in a few months and release it in early November 2016 as well. Finally! Haa. I know right, Markie get it together its only been 3 years lol! 

 On the health front, I am back better then ever and working out again to be able to do this 40 min stage show. There is a lot of Choreography in this show this time. Working on getting two more dancers as well. Lots of insync dance numbers. Will be really fun.

 That is about it. I will post new blog around Wed night after the meeting with potential new manager. You can buy my current albums and singles anytime here on the site. Love you guys-Markie

Markie Extravaganza Tour


Hey guys, I have been hard at work the last few days putting together the new show music and I must say it's going to be the best show yet. Looks like June 4-5th will kick off the Markie Extravaganza Tour 2016 for Russian River Gay Pride. I am excited to start dance number rehearsals next week. I'm still looking for three more dancers in the Reno NV area for the shows this year. 

 I also will be adding more costume changes and lot more dance numbers which will showcase more of my abilities. I will be re-working a few costumes too. I think we need to kick up the costumes a notch. Were talking beads and sequins baby, were talking some sparkle and flash. No costumes will be revealed until show day. T

 This time around too it will be shot with camera and I will release the full show on DVD or Blu-Ray in time for Christmas. Yes I said Blu-Ray, I have also been working on my video skills with so much down time last year. I'm getting a Blu-Ray external recorded. Will be amazing to see the video remastered in both 3D and 2D on the Blu-Ray with Special features too. This will be an exclusive only available on my site.

 I'm also working on new music, new artwork, as I do a new photo session soon too. I need some cool new photo's. After the photo session I will be updating Markie Swag for the tour. This time around you will be able to buy Tee-shirts at my gigs and Blu-Rays too. Going for full swag with bumper stickers, water bottles, key chains etc.

 So it's going to be an awesome and fun year ahead. Keep it here for new updates. Oh I also added a new extended remix of Dance Hall Days here for you too. Enjoy guys! XO -Markie

Happy New Year Everyone


Happy New Years everyone! Had a great one and going as well. Happy 2016 is here. Lots of work this year with new music, new shows. Very excited to be back to normal and ready for this coming awesome year! 

 Enjoy, XO Markie

OMG I have been away a long time! WTF Haa


Hey guys,

 I have been away a long time. What a year. A total sucky year I might add. I have had the worst year of my life. However, things are turning around now. I on Dec 17th went to the Dr and was given a clean bill of health. I'm so happy to be me again. Dr. said I can workout, dance, record, sing and do all the physical things I used to do. 

 I'm so happy! I met someone too well see what happens with that. Jason is the name. His is tall too 6'4. I have been back to day job since Nov 1st 2015. I went to Key West, Fl this in late November. Was a much needed and only vacation I had all year. I still keep saying, Key West, FL still is the best part of Florida and has a special place in my heart.

 I'm going to work on the stage show, different music arrangements, different stage show then I have ever done before. Full dance show too, lots of fun dances for each song. I will start this in Jan. 

 So far the winter has been amazing around Carson City, NV with lots of snow very early this year. That will be keep me in the area to work on new music and stage show as well.

 Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving. I worked day job. I also work Christmas day. Will be at Mom's for Christmas Eve. 

Where Is Markie????


Hello everyone! Hope your all doing well! Sheesh it has been since Aug since the last posting! WOW! Shit, I have been fighting off Pneumonia that almost killed me in late September. Went to Two Dr. one to get a full physical. He said I have Stress, (No shit, from stage show in Reno)and Anxiety and It's in my head. Two weeks later at work I almost pass out, and went to the local Urgent Care and they said the same thing. Well then a week later I had to go to Emergency. I had pneumonia for 4 months and didn't know it. Crazy Huh! That is why the Video's of my show in Reno I'm winded a lot as I had pneumonia then. While in Hospital as I was there 7 days. Dr. Collapsed my left lung 4 times, three the first time. The second time I was back in the hospital for 4 days they had to do surgery on me to correct it. All 100% Dr.s fault. Thus no singing til 2016. Have to make sure the lung is back in form.

 Anyway, I have just about fully recovered. No singing however until 2016. Which again pushed off the Christmas CD off yet another year. In 2016 there will be some really good shows, new self wrote CD and Christmas one for sure. Just have to get to 2016. No shows are set in stone, with the exception of Russian River in June. Dates will be posted.

 Hope all had a great Halloween. I took my 7 year old sister trick or treating twice in our area. Once on Friday night then again in Minden, NV on Saturday night. I even got much candy too. Was fun, but was not 100% then so kind of pushed it. Was about 90% then. I am about 99% now. Glad to be me again. Been one hellish year!

 I am looking for Key West, FL vacation next week. I have even put up my Christmas Tree already so I wont have to when I get back. Plus loosing a week of enjoyment of the work that it takes to transform the house into Christmas if put up in Dec. one can only enjoy it for 4 weeks. Not enough for this Christmas lover. My favorite time of year! I love the Holidays.

 We also have had two snow storms so far this year. Which is very early. Another snow storm on Sunday and more storms later in the following week. Well I think that pretty much catches us up. 

 Cher tweeted me yesterday, I had asked her, "Cher did you watch the GOP debate? Thought?" in classic awesome Cher style, her response "When Pigs Fly!!". That made me laugh so much. Love her, makes about 16 tweets from her now. I'm part of what Cher loving calls "Cher Crew". On that note, I'm off to bed...Have a great weekend! XO-Markie 

Markie Passes Physical and begins 2016 Tour Rehearsals in Oct


Markie is a ok after passing his physical yesterday. He can begin rehearsals in October for the Be Near Me Tour 2016. He is overly excited. Markie also recorded a new song today, one he always wanted to do, finally the timing is right, called VICTIMS and it's here for you exclusively free. Markie has it available for now free download. More from Markie soon...

Reno Gay Pride 2015 Was a success!


Reno Gay Pride 2015 has come and passed and was quite a success. I performed 7 songs in total and had 4 costume changes and one dancer this year. My video's from live show is on my youtube and on this site. Seems that the viewers of the videos are loving the performances. I had fun, but was quite nervous. Have to learn to curve that somehow. 

 More performances will calm my nerves I believe. Next, show might be NYE or a Christmas show that is in the works. 

 The new 18 track CD is out now worldwide. Be sure to get your copy today. The Album is called Be Near Me. 

AUG 15 TH RENO PRIDE SHOW! Fast Approaching!


Ok guys, on other news. I have been working my ass off to get a show together for Reno Gay Pride for there 19th year. Elaborate and fun costumes, fun songs everyone will remember, and two dancers. It has been a trial and tribulation this year to find the perfect dancers, get the vocals back in shape, and yes I also started working out, to build stamina for the stage. I am I pushing it to much since surgeries, most likey yes. 

 I am obligated and I never fall back on obligations. Plus, I am excited to perform again. This will be the one and only show this year however. Wel, maybe a Christmas one off someplace. Well see...

 So come out 11 am on Aug 15, 2015 at Wing Field Park downtown Reno on the River Walk at the stage there. Will be some fun. Should make the news. I do know the second outfit will shock and impress. It is my favorite. Still new slipping up on the songs Im singing or outfit pictures. Until after showday.... Markie

ALBUM Delays...Ughh!


Hello everyone, after accepting the CD distributor said the song titles were not excepted. I needed to correct the ( ) those things. So I did that, but it was Wed and of course they didn't get back to re summit it on thursday or Friday, so I have to now called them Monday. What made me mad, Is I paid an extra $15 for pre-release for last Friday. I send the album tracks and titles in it July 20th! When I talk to them, I will let them know I want a refund of the $15. Cause this is the second time this has happened and I got nothing from the $15. 

 Anyways, the single was sent and approved and no issues there. I will drop worldwide Aug 13. The CD Be Near Me was supposed to drop Aug 10 this monday. That is not going to happen. I planned this out at the end of July too. 

 I will keep you posted on developments. Markie

BE NEAR ME CD gets accepted by Distributor


Hi guys, so cool news on July 31 my album was excepted by the distributor and was sent to over 80+ stores to be resented for Aug 10,2015 release worldwide. You can pre-order exclusively at Itunes Aug.7,2015 and you get three full tracks from the CD for pre-ordering. The CD has 4 Bonus tracks and a total of 18 tracks in all. The album will retail for $15.99. Physical copies will be for sale on Amazon on Demand shortly after Aug 10th.

 I am excited about this new CD. Again I believe its a fun body of work to listen to. I do find myself playing it in the car, at home and the Ipad. Where the first CD I never listen to it. 

 I will start this coming week the Christmas CD. That will be fun. I know a couple songs will be on it are "This Christmas" and "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" and a cover version of Michael Bubble's "Cold December Night". Have been looking at what other Christmas Classics are going to be fun to do. 

 Rehearsals are Wed Aug. 5, 2015 at 1 PM in Reno. I am still searching for one more dancer. Shrine is awesome and will be amazing. We just need one more. Hunter might show up or might not show Wed. 


BE NEAR ME CD Drops Aug 10th!


Hi guys,

 The album is set still for Aug 10, 2015. 12 tracks with 3 bonus tracks, total 15 track CD. I am ubber excited to release this one. The tracks are coming back from being mastered each day. It's fun to hear the differences. Will be fun to hear the buzz about this CD. It's honesty the most fun and best i have released to date. I think "Dance Hall Days" will be the first single release on Aug 10 as well. Well see....Stayed...Markie

RENO GAY PRIDE Show is coming alone Well!


Hello everyone. I am excited to be performing a 35 min show in Reno, NV Aug 15 2015 at 11 am. Four costumes, two dancers, 7 songs. I just secured the final dancer today. Rehearsals have been going well. I have also been rehearsing the show at home. It's going to be good. 

 I am over excited about this years show. The costumes are elaborate and bigger then any in the past. The show is just way more fun. I am excited to be a part of Reno Gay Pride as this year marks the 19th year.

 See you there, you can see there website at

 It's on my site here too! Ok more news soon...Markie



Hello everyone, Yes I had my 40th bday July 14. I spent my day and two others in Vegas. I know right, far cry from even three weeks ago, when I was feeling so terrible from surgery. 

 Alas, I am feeling great, rehearsing vocals for show Aug 15th in Reno NV. Vegas was a complete blast. Rode the High Roller, which is the worlds tallest ferris wheel. That was so much fun. Saw Showstoppers at Wynn. Took two buddies to old town so they could see the Freemont Experience. Also took in some pool time, and a little shopping. Was just relaxing fun.

 Now the Birthday month continues with Wild Island Water park party I host every year. This year it's on July 22nd. Going to be fun in the sun.

 Then Thursday is dancer rehearsal at 10 am in Reno. Then going to see 38 Special live in concert at CVI in Minden, NV. It's a full Bday month. Really fun and really cool. 

 Rehearsals will be 1 day each week until show day which is Aug 15, 2015 at Wing Field Park in Downtown Reno. At this point I open this Reno Gay Pride event. Which is nice, since it wont be to Hot at 11 am. If the time changes you can click on live shows link and to get to Reno Pride's website.

 I will also keep you posted on time changes if they happen. Otherwise, I am working hard on finalizing costumes for this years show. I must say, one of them is going to knock everyone out. There are 4 changes this year, two more then last year and the dancers are cute and awesome too. 

 Going with two dancers this time, unless I get some volunteers. The show has one or two songs from The Look album, the rest are from the Aug fourth-coming CD Be Near Me dropping Aug 10, 2015. Featuring 15 all new songs. 80's covers and one country cover. 

 I am ubber excited to release the album. I really believe it's a good one. I have slowly come a long way. Learning always continues and will always continue. 

 I will be starting the Christmas CD in two weeks. Since next week is so full. I am vocal rehearsing daily to I nail the Aug live show. I'll keep rehearsing to hell wont have me.LOL

 That's about it for now. I have not finished "Can't Say Anything" yet. Also have not yet started recording the Markie self-penned CD yet. I will get hot and heavy on that come fall. Hope everyone is well, and doing great things! Love You, Markie

Markie is back folks!


Hello everyone,

 I am excited to have my full strength back. I can now start working out to build up stamina for the Aug show. Very excited about that too. This week I meet up with a new dancer Hunter out of Reno NV. That will be fun. We meet Tuesday. I also start alterations on costumes and coming up with new ones as well this week.

 Not sure if July 14 will be the Album release date I might hold off until Aug. or later July. Well see, seven tracks still need to be master out. I added more tracks that I think are good. The album should have around 15 tracks, 4 bonus tracks or 5. 

 I am excited to work on the remix video for "Send Me An Angel'89"(Dance Version). I had no time while sick to work on that. But will get it done and posted ASAP.

 I also want to shoot a video for the next single. I most likely will wait to use footage from Aug 15th live show. Since that live performance will be taped in HD. For some reason I don't any footage from last years performance other then what I posted on You Tube.

 That's about all for now. I will keep you posted...

Love Markie

Reno Gay Pride Live Show set in Stone Augest 15, 2015


Yes it's official I will be performing a set on Aug. 15, 2015 I believe its at 12 noon? I will post the actual time I go on stage as soon as I am told what that is. I am excited to bring the new show to Reno, NV. 

Costumes will be changed up, and two dancers instead of 4, all new songs that I have not performed live. That is exciting for me. Rehearsals start in July. More about this will be posted soon...



Hello Everyone,

 I have been away awhile. I had tonsil surgery. Finally recovering from it as of today. It's been hell, let me tell you. I am on the road to recovery. I am excited as there is so much going on in July!

 I have to start rehearsals for Aug.15th Reno Pride, which I was chosen to perform again for year three. Which is exciting. Seems to be my only performance this year so far. 

 All others had to be cancelled due to surgeries. I am excited to feel good finally to also start working about and getting back to normal.




Hello Everyone, well it's getting closer (Tonsil Surgery). I have been away a bit, no singing, no really able to do to much and not really wanting to talk to anyone about it. 

 But alas, today I'm feeling 99% myself after four days in bed. I can totally relate to how Cher must have felt when learning she had Epstein Barr Syndrome, which is right on the cusp of what I have in tonsalitis. 

 After four days of much needed rest I feel good, and had brunch with MOM for her 65th bday today. That was a blast. After brunch I came home and ran out again to get a hair cut before work. My hair has been looking aweful as of late.

 I put the top down and got a little sun today. 88 degrees today here in Carson City, NV. Supposed to be 90 degrees Sunday. Well just wanted to share with you all that, I am feeling better. Surgery is still set in stone june 12th. I am over excited to get it done and I can move on. 

 I can after recovery time, get back into the studio to work on my third and fourth CD. Nothing can be done until after. Also rehearsals for the Reno Pride Show Aug 15th. Ok guys, will keep in touch. 

Oh one last new thing. I learned how to transfer video/DVD from HD to UHD 4K and will uploading the first "Send Me An Angel'89" music video in that untra high def on my You Tube channel. The first UHD 4K video I made will be release Sunday May 31st. 

 I will posting all my video's in UHD 4K from here onward. I hope you all enjoy the Utra High Def versions. I will also have a 3D version too. I will be working and have been working on the remix "Send Me An Angel"89(MarkieRadioEdit)"video as well...Keep it here...Markie

Just Checking in guys!


No real news to report. I am excited to get promoting the new CD release this coming June. With UK radio interviews, US video spots and US radio airplay for a few new singles. "Send Me An Angel'89" and "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" as well as "Dance Hall Days" will be first of several single releases. I just am waiting until after June 15th, because I am having tonsils removed. Will need to recover from surgery. I can't wait to be done with surgery and get working on the Reno Nevada live show.

 I will continue to make the live show the best to date. I will be working on the music again this week. I just am not sure what is 100% yet, which songs to add or remove. I will get it together this weekend.It's fun to come up with the music for a live show. Fun to create a costume for each song too. 

 I love live entertaining. I look forward to the tour in 2016. Hoping to lock in quite a number to live shows next year. I know that will be a blast, I will be in amazing shape. Over all this personal aliments that have been going on so for throughout 2015. LOL

 I am excited about the new CD Be Near Me and I really hope everyone likes it as much or more then me. I really worked hard to come up with the best songs that I love. I also thing many are catchy and have amazing hooks. They get into your mind and people go around singing them. 

 That's what a good song can do is stick in peoples heads and make then feel happy! If my albums and singles can just make one persons day a little brighter then, that makes all the hard work well worth it.

Love, Markie

Markie is slowly getting better! Album release delayed...


Hello Everyone, 

 I'm slowly feeling better. I have been fighting tonsil issues for three weeks. I only have four more to go, then they get removed and I can simply recover from that and be over it all. Trust me I am counting the days. Today was aweful starting out, but has since gotten better. 

  I am delaying the album release until June. I want to be in good spirits for the release and it's just not going to happen this month. I'm really sorry everyone. I will post the finalized release date as it gets closer. 

 In other news, I can't sing for a while which is putting delay in the Christmas CD start and the recording of my self penned CD. I wont even begin to start either project until late June/early July. I will however be able to start rehearsals in late june for the Aug Reno Pride performance. More information will be released as that show gets closer.

 That is about it. I have not completed the remix music video for Send Me An Angel'89 either. I have on days off of day job just been relaxing and trying to feel better. This tonsilitis is kicking my ass. I have not wanted to begin work on anything, just fatigued and energyless. 

 I read that tonsils that cause this much issue, also is related to Epstein Barr, which is debilitating energy zapping virus. Cher has has boughts with Epstein Barr for years. 

 Anyway, I will resume recording and rehearsals as soon as I get these damn tonsils out of me and I recover from two week recovery period. 

 Thats about it for now.. Markie



OMG you guys, there is a minor delay for the album dropping today. I will be released May 19, 2015. Several tracks have not come back yet from being final mixed. Thus todays delay. 

  I am excited that this is going to be the best album I have released to date. 12 songs which include 1)Dance Hall Days 2)Be Near Me 3)Love Is A Battlefield(Live Vers.)4)Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit) 5)Sugar Daddy 6)Promises,Promises 7)Catch Me I'm Falling 8)Sleeping Single In a Double Bed 9)Walk The Dinosaur 10)Half-Breed(live Vers.)(Bonus) 11)You Make My Dreams Come True(Bonus) 12)Hot In The City(Bonus) 

 There you have the new album 'BE NEAR ME' track listing. I am working on the Remix video should be done by Thursday night! Excited to premiere the video. Will post it when it goes live! XO-Markie

So much is happening! WOW!


Hey guys,

 So much is happening. First and foremost, Be Near Me CD is complete. The music just needs to be mastered. Have had five songs mastered of the 12 so far. They are awesome. I must say this album will be heavily promoted. I see lots of Radio airplay with this one. I also hope to get the remix video done this coming week. I re-recorded the vocal and just listened to it this afternoon. I believe it's yet a way better vocal then anything else to date.

 There are many songs that I can just keep listening to. The first CD I can honestly say I don't ever listen to. There were about 3 songs that were good. I can hear all the mistakes. This album, BE NEAR ME, so far five of the twelve are just really good.

 Vocally I have feel I sound so much better. Which is the way it should be. Growth, experience takes time. The vocals are really fun, playful and good. I plan on making many music video's too. I feel this CD will really get me out there between May 2015 and May 2016.

 After this amazing fun CD is release May 5, 2015. I will start rehearsals for the Aug 15 live show. Also shoot some video for THE VOICE. Yes I will be sending in an Audition tape for the show too. Would be awesome to be chosen. I think I'm about ready to step up my career vocally now. I have so much more confidence in my ability and in my vocals and stage presence then I have ever had.

 I am excited for a really fun rest of 2015 and 2016 I'm planning to knock it out of the part with the Big BE NEAR ME TOUR 2016. I have created the songs for the show, have the dance numbers down, and a couple new costume's for the shows.

 I am excited, ready and cant wait to start rehearsals for Aug 15th Reno NV Pride. I have learned so much from The Voice and being prepared and you're nerves will subside. I get stage fright for about 1 min then I relax and can focus on delivering a fun vocal and dance show performance. Ok guys lots more to come...keep it here...Markie 



Yes am hosting my annual Wild Island Water park Birthday Bash! This will be July 22, 2015 on Wednesday. I will be posting an Event page on my facebook. RSVP if you can and want to go. I will be renting a Cabana next to the wave pool. Seems to be a great location each year. This will be year #5th year. It keeps getting bigger and better and more fun. I love it. Come join the party. The lazy river and hurricanes are amazing. -Markie

MARKIE Spends Bday in VEGAS! WHattt???


Yes it is true. I will be in Las Vegas, NV July 14-16th. I am ubber excited to ride the new ferris wheel. I will be with two close friends that are amazing. I am over excited. I will be fully recovered from tonsil surgery too. Very excited...

Markie Update...!


Hello everyone! I revamped the site and will be updating "Be Near Me" CD release date. I have not been able to finish the last two songs as of yet. My tonsils flared up last week and I don't want to wreck my voice. I will try to get into the studio this week. As long as my Tonsils don't flare up, I can finish what I need to, to get the two remaining songs done. 

 I will also get then remastered too. Which also take a bit of time. All will be done and released in May. I am really sorry about cancelling Sonoma County(Russian River) live show. I am looking forward to recovering fully by the end of June 2015. I will be with Expose', Taylor Dayne, Stevie B, Pretty Poison etc on June 26th in San Jose, Ca. 

 I am looking forward to see the girls since it has been since Sept 2012 since hangin' with the group Expose'. I have not met Taylor Dayne, we have tweeted a few times though. I am looking forward to this being my first 2015 vacation away from day job too.

 I'm still looking forward to giving you guys my all in Reno, NV for Pride this year in Aug. 2015. The show will be polished and in perfected. It will be taped as well. Looking forward to doing this one gig this year.

 Planning the 'Be Near Me Tour' for 2016. Starting with a live show for NYE. This is in the works. I will be hiring help, manager, agent and publicist later this year to help get this tour on the road. A road manager will be needed as well as at least two dancers that will go with me on the road. 

 The album should be a success. "The Look" has just been re-launched on 80+ digital stores and you can get the physical album on Hard to believe the album and singles have been released over 1 year now. 

 With the remixed video for "Send Me An Angel'89" I will be re-releasing my two singles for "Send Me An Angel'89" and "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" with my current distributor. Both singles will be re-recorded and re-mastered before the release in May. 

 I am hoping the video will get lots of club airplay. It will be so clubby. Will also be working on the remix video this week. Will work on the next video and new single release too. 

I am keeping busy with writing, and learning to do video and day job. It's been great. Also looking forward to summer. I will be working in the coming months on a digital press kit that reviews and booking agents can download and use to promote my new CD and tour. 

 I hope you like the revamped webpage. I have fun changing it up every so often. Ok guys, keep it here or twitter or instagram or my facebook for the latest...Markie

BE NEAR ME TOUR (Cancelled) Until 2016


Hello Everyone,

 Some really interesting news. The Be Near Me Tour is cancelled until 2016. I will be performing Reno Pride this year in Aug. Might add a couple more shows for the fall. I have to have surgery in the next month or so. Because of this I wont be able to have the effective time to get the show rehearsed in time for Sonoma Counties Pride at Russian River in early part of June.

 The surgery I'm having is to have my tonsils removed. This is a three week recovery period with at least 1 month of no singing. I will release the CD before the surgery. It will be delayed until May 2015. 

 I will be working hard on my weekend this week to record and finish the last song for the album. I wont start work on the my self penned CD until after the surgery and recovery period. 

 In the meantime, it's gives me great pleasure to report I can make music video's now. I will be making them from stills and video clips I have over the years. The new trailer for "Sugar Daddy" is now on my YouTube channel and is viewable here. 

 Not only did I add the trailer but I also have my first ever attempt at making a music video. The full version of "Sugar Daddy(SingleMix)" is also on my Vemeo and YouTube channels as well has here at MarkieRocks. 

 I will be making the remix music video for "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" this weekend. It roughly takes 4 hours to mix, and nail the video clips just right. I'm really looking forward to re-creating the magic of "Send Me An Angel" the single that launched my music singing career.

 I will also be looking into being a part of a Fashion Show in Reno, NV In May 2015. I might have the surgery in May, but right now its set for June 2nd. Things may change....

 Anything else to report? The single "Sugar Daddy" will be getting radio airplay starting April 17,2015. On most national digital radio stations.

 I will be updating the website the plays my singles on Digital Radio to reflect the new music video and concert dates ect. 

Ok everyone, have a great week! Hope you all enjoyed you're Easter. Mine as fun. I had brunch with family and worked later in the day. XO Markie

Markie hits the Studio this week!


Hi everyone, 

 I am A ok from wisdom teeth removal. Tonsils will have to wait until the fall. Working on the Soma County Russian River Pride show. Looking for new dancers as well, also hitting the studio this week to finish "Can't Say Anything" and start the last two songs for the BE NEAR ME CD. 

 I will also be finally starting the gym too. It's time, I need to get into shape to do the show and do rehearsals as well. Looking forward to doing both. 

 I have also messed around with graphics for the album cover and some inner sleeves too. Will have a new line of clothing, for this two show concert this year. Not really a tour, and I might be to late for Russian River again this year. I believe, I need to work finishing the albums and get a new single out and shoot some videos. I am going to work on some video's this weekend as well. 

I am a good video editor I should come up with something. I have three cool programs as well. I might also do another Dj set for fun too. 

Busy working fun weekend. That is about all for now. The NE NEAR ME CD will drop in Mid April. Still shooting for that. I believe a new video will be ready by the end of April.

 I am working on a Remix video for "Send Me An Angel'89" and will see what I come up with. The video's will be ready in a few weeks. Then I will upload them to my VEVO and VEMEO channels as well as my You Tube channel which is amazing at over 230,000 views so far. 

 More later....


Markie is clear to resume singing! YAY!


Hello Everyone,

 My follow-up Dr Appointment went amazing. I was cleared to resume singing today. I'm healing up better then expected. Dr. said I was one of the easiest LOL. Yay!

  I have been hard at recording this afternoon and think I finally fully nailed "Catch Me I'm Falling". I re-recorded it. Mixing it down as I write this to see if it's perfect. If it is, I will finish mixing it and will get it master Friday.

 Also since it will be complete I will start on another track, most likely the "Love Is A Battlefield" live version I perform in concert. I will be talking with Russian River Hotel R3 host Roger Wed. Keep it here...Markie



Hello Everyone,

 I am in recovery since last Tuesdays wisdom tooth extraction. I have three removed the only three left lol. It has been quite an ordeal. I have a follow up DR. appointment this Tuesday at 2:30 pm. Will find out when I can start my exercise program, sing and get back to normal. 

 After I recover from this, I have to have Tonsils out in roughly a month or so. Doing these surgeries in between getting the next album out and recording the self wrote and christmas one. Has been more challengeing then ever. 

 I will get most of the tracks on the 2nd cover CD to the mastering process next week. Will still have about 5 or so still to finish. I can sing most likely for a few more weeks. Which is really chapping my hide. Cause I love to sing and record and be productive.

 It was not vocals that have been causing my vocals to seem to swell. It was tonsils. Looking at late April for removal of those. Then I can really sing and hit those high notes and sore much better.  

 That's about all. Oh, I bought the albums (physical hard copies) to see how they looked. They are awesome. $15.02 though amazon on demand. Each. Quite pricey. But, worth it. A lot of hard work went into those. I must say the next CD will be even better.

 Oh I will be working on the website this week too. Updates, upgrades. I will be adding my instagram account to you can see my fun life though photo's and you can follow me on instagram too. 

 My twitter seems to be doing very well on the website, I enjoy checking it out too. Fun to see my interaction with my celebrity friends. I hope you all continue to enjoy it as well....

Markie :-)



Hey guys,

 I finished the vocal for the demo of "Catch Me I'm Falling" and it turned out very good. I really enjoyed my vocals today. Hit the notes I wanted and it was successful. The result can be heard on this site. Exclusively here on MarkieRocks.

 I also am applying for SF Pride to perform on there main stage. As part of LiveNation. I will keep you posted.

 The tracks goes to the masters on Monday next week. I will be down for the count next week. Getting 3 wisdom teeth removed Tuesday at 7 am!

Will be back at it again in three weeks!


Markie :-)

"Catch Me I'm Falling" is a go, will be opening number Live Gigs


Hey there,

Boy were my chops a little rusty, wont let that happen again. I was able to record to roughly 1 hour today, My voice was not 100%, and I know how sensitive one's voice is. I didn't over do it. I was able to get a pretty decent first demo recording. I also was able to determine that the song is great for The Be Near Me Tour gigs.

 I can't wait to rest up my vocals with a very good nights rest and maybe finish this one Thursday. Then I can moved on to "Can't Say Anything", "Love Is A Battlefield", Re-Record "Promises, Promises" and "Dance Hall Days" and get this album done and out by April 2015.



Hey guys it's a new month. Never made it into the studio last week, just not enough time with company ect. I am on schedule to record this week. I will keep you posted and will finish "Can't Say Anything". I will be starting "Catch Me I'm Falling". I hope to complete this one as well. 

I have also talked to Ryan and he is not able to shoot the video for many reasons. I will be looking for another video guy this week too. Will keep you guys posted. 

The cover album two is coming along as well. Just have three more songs to add to make it right and ready. Then it hits the mixer and mastering process. I have changed the release date again. Looks like April 7, 2015 might be a good date to get the Be Near Me Album out with a two singles. 

 One from the album and the other from the fourth-coming album which I wrote, which is still untitled thus far. The single I wrote will be "Can't Say Anything" and shooting for April 7,2015 release as well.

 I am always writing and creating and learning new things about what I can do in music and graphics. I believe the cover of the singles and album will be simple and photo's of me. Leaning to create fun artwork has been a total fun process that I'm enjoying. 

That's about all for now...keep it here for more Markie News! 

Markie :-)


Markie returns to the studio!


Hello Everyone,

 Have added a couple songs that I believe will be great for me vocally. I am recording them this week. I am excited to give "Cant Say Anything" a final vocal this week too. I was experimenting with how I can make it the best. The first version was fun and rocky, but I think it needs to be more, umm, sung then talked. 

 I also will be in touch with Ryan whom I was supposed to meet today and discuss the Music video for "Sugar Daddy". Was not able to meet today due to my work schedule. The meeting will be rescheduled.

 I will keep you posted. I also rescheduled my wisdom teeth removal which will happen for sure on March 10, 2015 at 8 am. 

 What else, I will be talking with Rodger at R3 Hotel this week. About performing in Russian River, Ca for there pride June 7-9th. I will keep you all posted.

 I will also be appearing at Matinee Las Vegas at Cowabunga Water park for May 22-24th. Come out out, will be at the lazy river most. It's the summers biggest Gay dance party, we take over the entire water park that just opened last july 2014. They have added a full 15 waterslides and many pools. Will be a way to beat the heat this summer...

Love Markie

Hey there, checking in!


Hello Everyone, 

 I have been a little under the weather the past couple of days. No singing. Will visiting Dr this week. Hope to get a clear check up and hope I can resume singing. Few more songs that need to be done before the the new cover album drops. 

 I also have to start vocal rehearsals of the new tour line up. I still am planning on meeting with Ryan my new videographer to discuss the much long awaited new music video for "Sugar Daddy". We need to come up with a concept, how the video should look,visuals (Outfits, etc). This will be on Feb 22nd. 

 Thats about all the news for now!





"Can't Say Anything" (Demo) is uploaded


Hey Guys,

 I finished the Demo to "Can't Say Anything" today, just need to have it mastered by UMG and it will be done. I am excited to have recorded my first song I wrote and created. There are about 10 or 15 more to come. Looking forward to this album's release in late Spring. It is still untitled.

 The second cover CD will be out next month. Excited about that. Also excited to have the music for the live shows finalized today. The Be Near Me Tour kicks off June 6-9th in Russian River, Ca at R3 Hotel for there pride.


New Tour is coming together! Whoop Whoop!


Hey everyone,

 So I have been working on music like mad to create a new tour show. I really only have two full 30 Min shows set this year. I just out most of the dates until 2016. That will be a Big tour. I will keep you posted for other dates as they come in. 

 I had to pull "Shock The Monkey" from the tour line up. About to pull 'Half-Breed" as well. I think the show should start with a bang. It's going to include two dancers this time around. The two best girls. Rehearsals start in two weeks. I have to narrow down the songs to perform for the new tour. It's hard to do since I have such a catalog of songs now. 

 "How does Cher choose the songs"??? Anyway, I really wanted to do "Shock The Monkey" for this album, but after giving it two weeks to try it's just not right for me vocally. I love the song. 

 I will be trying this week. "Two To Make It Right", yes it is a #1hit in both USA and AUS in 1990 for the girl group Seduction. I am excited to try to record this one. I will if it goes amazingly as I think, will use this to kick off the tour as the opening number. 

I have some amazing dance ideas and think that will be perfectly Choreographed with my two female dances. They are so good. 

As it stands I am not sure I can pull off a male version of the dance hit. I will be giving it the best vocals I can. It's was a huge hit for Seduction. Lead singer Michelle Visage has been a twitter friend for a few years Love her. She is mostly seen on the amazingly successful Logo TV original series 'RuPaul's Drag Show'. 

 I will keep you all posted. Also in talks to create the video for "Sugar Daddy" my video guy is still tied to a movie. He will be done shortly and I will announce a date, place and time the music video shoot will take place.

Love Markie

Markie takes a medical break!


Yes Human as I am, I have a little light cold, and had to post-pone my wisdom teeth appointment from Tues to, Feb 10th Tues. Also it's my friday today at work. Three days off which is awesome. I will be rested and ready to go have some fun my wed. I need to record, but have a bad sore throat. Each day it gets better. 

 Just part of being a human.Will be back into working on the music video and new music and tour very soon! 


Ty Hernon & Billy Gilman both come out Nov 20 2014


Hello everyone,

 I usually don't speak of these things. Today is an exception. Ty Hernon and Billy Gilman both came out as Gay on November 20th, 2014. They have the major courage to come out and both work in the country music industry where it still is homophobic. 

 I follow both of these guys on twitter and have given them kudo's for there courage to be who they are. They music is still the same, so why should it be a problem for them to create more amazing music? Both or multimillion selling singers. 

Billy started at age 12 and is now sexy at 26 years of age. His first hit was called "One Voice". 

 Ty Hernon was married and divorced twice before meeting Matt whom he is currently seeing. Ty first hit was 1995's "What Mattered Most". Ty is 52 years old. 

 I tip my hat to both guys again for the courage to come out, and bring a movement to Nashville and the country industry. 

I just thought this was great news. The barriers keep getting knocked down one person at a time. Someday Gay will be a non issue. An artist can then be able to make the incredible art they do without any prejudice over who they are.

Love Markie get revamp and more updates


Hey guys,

 I am revamping the website to bring it into 2015 with a new look, new colors, will upload new video's soon and new photo's. I have so many, need to spend a day and rock out updates. This year is going to be a three CD release year. Several Pride performances. More music videos and lots of rehearsals. 

 I am very excited for a big 2015 year in music for me. New Merchandise will be launched in Feb 2015. Tee's, Cups, mugs ect. I will post links as these things happen. 

 I also get back into the studio soon. February I also get my wisdom teeth removed and spring I get braces (Invisiline). By summer I will be on my way to a pretty smile. Very excited about that. 

 Will be great for future music video's. Speaking of video's everyone is after me about doing another one. I will be re-posting a wanted add to find the right guys to shoot this video for "Sugar Daddy", and see if they can make a video remix for "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)". I will be taking down time after wisdom teeth are removed to work on my video editing skills. I want to have the dance clubs play the music video.

 Well, see what happens. Hang here for the latest on new Markie news.

Love Markie :-)

HAPPY 2015


Hello everyone! I hope your Christmas and New Years went well. It was a dead time to produce or get anything done for Dec. Most of the places and including my distributor take most of Dec off. Which was great it allowed me to take a much needed break from my life full of music. I was able to spend time with my Mom and sister for Christmas. I spent Christmast Eve with my guy. (We have split since, LOL, It's ok) 

 The new single I believe is doing good. I will be promoting it throughout the coming months. The video was also put on hold. Prodcution will resume later this month. We also have had no winter really to speak of. Which will be great to shoot the music video for "Sugar Daddy". 

 The new album is done. Just have to send each track to Universal Music Group for final mastering. That takes time. The album will be release in February 2015. The new tour will be coming together as well. Some new costumes, new songs, new dance moves. 'BE NEAR ME TOUR" 2015 kicks off in May in Palm Springs, Ca. 

I am working hard on the album I wrote and is all original, dance, upbeat. I want to try to finished one of the songs and release it before spring. That album will drop in the fall. 

That is about it for now. Hope your enjoying the new twitter feed on the website. 

Markie :-)

Happy Holidays to all!


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays from me. It's going to be a great Christmast with Mom and my new guy and my 6 year old sister. I am excited to have the next three days off work as well. I might not be on the site a while. Will try to be online again before New Years.

Love Markie :-)

"You're A Bad Man" written by Markie is coming together!


Hey guys

 I took a much needed break from the cover CD to work on the new self-penned CD. I created the music to three or so new songs. I think that makes 15 so far. I just have to make the lyric's match, and figure out the correct way I want each song to be done. I am ubber excited as these songs will be amazing. I do mean amazing. They are all so very very different then anything I have ever done. 

 One of the new songs working title is "Jam", another is "You Are Not Alone" the music creativity flowed this weekend. I cant wait to finish the follow up CD of covers. Should be a 9 track CD. 

 My new self-penned CD will be very new, very dance and very R&B. I think the songs are very cool. I think it will skyrocket my career. Honesty into the dance clubs. Well see, one creates are but you never know what people are going to like...

"Sugar Daddy"(Single Mix) Pre-Order now!


You can now Pre-Order my new single and my first ever 5 track EP now on Itunes for $2.99 or Google Play for $4.95. Prices will increase Dec 9th from these Pre-Order and Sale prices. Please feel free to order today and i would appreciate your reviews which only takes a minute.. Thanks! Enjoy this new single now. Click on Store for the links to buy at either store. I will have the physical hard copy link from Amazon on Demand as soon as it launches.

"Sugar Daddy" Has been sent to over 80+ stores tonight! YAY!


Hello everyone,

 I'm very excited to announce that the first single "Sugar Daddy"(Single Version) has been sent to all 80+ stores and Itunes has it now. They are working on the the pre-order page at Itunes tonight should be up for EP pre-order on Saturday AM. 

 I will be doing a tweet session tonight to chat with the folks on twitter about the new single and album "BE NEAR ME" which drops in January. This time around all tracks will be master by Universal Music Group before being sent to my distributor to retail sale. This process takes time, and money. Thus the delay of second album. I also have two more songs to complete the 2nd full CD.

 Until then, the new single "Sugar Daddy"(Single Version) is going to be form of a music video and ringtone as well. I really believe in this song over any other I have recorded to date. I hope this one hits the Itunes charts this time with some good record sales.

 I meet this coming week in Reno with two video people and one photographer to come up with the concept of the music video for "Sugar Daddy". I will keep you posted. I will also be doing a photo session on the set of the new music video. Shooting date is planned for sometime this month or in January 2015. 

 It's the holidays and most of the music biz is about to go on a three week holiday. So shooting the video will be most likely shot at UNR in Reno, which is the local college there. 

 Well, see what we can come up with. I will post the links as I get them for pre-sale on Itunes, Amazon on Demand. IMG_4011.PNG

"Sugar Daddy" goes Pre-Order Dec 4, 2014, then drops 12/9/14


Hello everyone, 

 The site is back up and running smooth. Had some issues that need taken care of. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I did a full feast for 5 really close friends and my BF Alex came as well. Was really awesome to have him there. Made my Thanksgiving for sure. I will post pics of us soon.

 Anyways, the Christmas album is on hold until Dec 2015. Sorry guys. It's way to late. However the first single is now at the Distributors and will be available for the first time ever as a pre-order with a holiday discount. This will be available for pre-order on Dec 4,2014. The single is "Sugar Daddy" and will feature 5 tracks.

1)Sugar Daddy

2)Sugar Daddy(Instumental)

3)Sugar Daddy(Demo)

4)Send Me An Angel'89(First Vers.)

5)I'll Tumble 4 Ya!(Alt. Vers.)

When you pre-order you will instantly get "Sugar Daddy" song 1, and you can preview 90 seconds of each song. This can be pre-ordered at Itunes and Google Play. Both will be doing a huge promotional page for the pre-orders. I'm excited to try this new pre-order feature.

 Also On Dec 9,2014 the album if you pre-order will download automatically on both Itunes and Amazon. Amazon on demand will also have the physical hard CD if you want the jewel case with artwork. The pre-order will also be at a holiday discounted price.

 This will be the first single before the album 'BE NEAR ME' drops in late Jan 2015. Reason for the delay, the holidays all the stores take several weeks off and in turn puts projects in delays. I never knew this until this past week. Late Jan for the follow up to 'THE LOOK'. 

 The tour is on track for a start in Late Spring. The tour will be called BE NEAR ME TOUR 2015. I will working on t-shirts, mugs ect. The photo shoot for the cover of the CD has not be set yet. I did make the cover of the single, with willie wonka and candy look was what I was shooting for since the song is called "Sugar Daddy".

 I'm putting a team together to shoot the music video in Dec. The video has no real direction at this time or theme. I think I might have to wear the warrior outfit and face paint. I also think the video should have a girl or two and a guy or two. Will be looking into that. I have two people to contact so far. I will post more information as it comes my way.

 That's about it for now. Will post more things as they happen. 2015 will be a huge year. Two new album. One I wrote. I have also been working on the lyric to music on "Can't Say Anything". Which was also supposed to be done by Dec. Well, see. I have been so focused on the second album and getting the songs perfected for the release, that I have not had much time to work and finish it. 

 Not sure the title for that album, but leaning toward Markie-You Cant Say Anything well see. Also want to record some I wrote years ago. But well see what happens. Will take the first part of 2015 to really work on those. I am excited for all these projects. I hope you all like them too..Enjoy your Turkey Evening! Love Markie

Christmas CD, Video News!


Everyone is asking what is going on with the Christmas project. My voice was out of comision for two weeks, so I lost a hell of a lot of time. Also working on writing, creating the music for the original all new material album dropping in the late spring, working on the cover CD follow-up and putting the stage show together for 2015. I have not even started the Christmas Project.

 I want to shoot a video and at least have a Christmas single out sometime in Dec. I will bust my ass this week to complete the 'Be Near Me' CD. Will start the re-record of "This Christmas" and start "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow". I wont complete them until I come back from vacation. Then I want to finish "Can't Say Anything" which will be the first single I wrote and is very club/dance and Gaydio ready! Gaydio is a UK radio station thats plays amazing dance music. They have been waiting two years for me to make my original material album. It will be 15 tracks and will knock people out. It's so different then anything else I have ever done. 

 At the same token, this first single is way different then anything I have ever recorded too "Sugar Daddy" it totally changed the way I sang it. Everyone still says, WOW that don't even sound like you! HAAA I love that, and thats what I wanted to achieve. Mission completed, everyone in my close circle says they love it, so catchy, fun and upbeat...Fingers crossed that is becomes my break out hit or 2014...

Finished "Sugar Daddy" single cover!


Hello I just finished the first single off 'Be Near Me' CD which drops everywhere in Dec. 16th is the new release date for the 9 track follow up CD to 'The Look'. I am excited to bring you a variety of songs, some country some, pop, some rock...

 The first single being "Sugar Daddy" which is for sure going to be released on Nov 28, 2014 nationwide. This will be also played in most major radio stations and will majorly marketed. I am in the works to make the video finally happen. I am putting together some great camera crew, photographer and makeup artists and looking for a location. I think the collage might be of help here. 

 I am also in talks to make the concept of what the video should be and what outfits would work as well as who to cast to be in the video...

 I am on a major week long vacation to the US Virgin Islands from Nov 17-14th and when I returned meetings will be in full force to find the best location and to shoot the video.

 I'm excited to release a new song, from an all new album and more video's too. Once "Sugar Daddy" is done, " Walk Like A Dinosaur" will be the next video and single. There is dance that must be made famous again. I think it will be a fun summer single, and is in my 2015 stage show.

 Lots happening...keep it here for more...

Site will be down a few days for maintenance!


Hello everyone,

 The site will be down for a few days starting Nov 10th-14th...Sorry for this... Love Markie :-)

"Sugar Daddy" set for Nov 18th release w/bonus track


Ok just had a chance to hear it, the did little improvement. So it's either a waste of $75 or I did it really really good and they the didn't need to improve it much? I will play it in the studio and see what I really think of it. But I do love it, just was expecting more magic, but playing it on iphone with no headphones it's hard telling...I will keep you posted...

"Sugar Daddy" has been sent back to me!


Hello everyone,

 "Sugar Daddy" was send back to me completed, I have yet to hear it though. I am at work. I am over excited to hear what they were able to do to give the single magic. I will post another blog when the art work is done and I have can upload a clip of the actual single. Still trying to a Nov 18th release of the single ...will keep you posted...

Love Markie :-)



Hello There,

 Happy Halloween from me. I usually just do a simple outfit, this year I went out a bit and used my Warrior costume from the my stage show and spruced it up with face make up.  I will post pictures asap. Gotta jet, have a safe and sane Halloween.

Love Markie :-)

"Sugar Daddy" Single to me release first part of November.


Hi guys. Universal still has the single, which is good and bad. Great that they are taking there time with it to really make it magical and perfect. Bad as the single release date wont be Tues Oct 28th. I believe I'm going to shoot for Nov 11, 2014. I should also have a Christmas single done by then as well. Well, see. Working hard the next two days on getting a few songs done and send them off to Universal for final mastering as well. 

 Hope all is well with each of you. Keep it hear for the latest as it comes in...

Markie :-)

Markie is well, and back at work on "Walk The Dinosaur"


Hello guys, I am a ok to sing again. Over that cold/Allergy thing. I fixed a few things on " Walk The Dinosaur" and think it's light years better. Still needs one more run through before I move onto the next song.

 Universal Music Group is doing there magic to the next single still slated for Oct 28th release. If I get the song back from them before then. Well see.

 I am going to start working the Christmas music this weekend. Tue Wed are my days off from day job this week. Well, see what I can get done. Everyone is very excited about the Christmas Album. Get stoped daily about it at work and other media areas. I will do my best to get the album done if not an EP will be available. 

 I missed shooting video of the Gondola Ride in Tahoe. The coupons expired as I was to ill to take advantage of the free trip. I will buy new ones and shoot video there and on the sleigh ride in South Lake Tahoe as well. Looking forward to fun wintery winter. 

 I will be a part of the Reno Nevada Santa Pub Crawl on Dec 13, 2014. I am over excited to hang with people all loving Christmas time and we go to 50 participating bars and have a nice cocktail at each place. It's a marathon that raises money for various Childrens Charities in Northern Nevada. 

 Thats about all for now! Love you all..Markie

MARKIE is under the weather! OHhh NOO!


Yes it's true, am a little under the weather and not allowed to sing for at least a week. I feel like I have let you all down. Album and single might be delayed as a result. I am really sorry. I usually don't get sick. It's not bed ridden sickness either. It's just sore throat, and feel yucky...

 I will get over it and hit the music hard..:-)

Universal Music Group has "Sugar Daddy" in there hands now!


Hello everyone, it's all up to Universal Music Group as of 10-18-2014 to finish mastering the single "Sugar Daddy". This process they have advised me might take two weeks. At this point I have not be assigned a mastering tech just yet. That takes two business days to get assigned a tech guy. As i stated before it takes time to make art into magic. I believe this will come back with just the right magic to make it a great if not the best song to my recording career thus far.

 Meanwhile, as they do there magic. I am working on the next song. With delay as I  have been under the weather the last few days so it also has caused me not to be able to sing to finish the track. I will start back on it Tuesday if all goes well. 

 I will start rehearsing the tour then too. I am getting a webcam for home and will shoot me singing the whole tour, again and again until I have the show down pat...I just heard on a talk show about Michael Jackson saying "If your prepared, you wont be nervious" I think that is a great quote. 

 I always get nervious and that quote will help me prepared and nail show after after show. Granted when you do live shows, there are no repeats, you must give it your all, or go home.

 I want this show to be successful and want to bring it to you the fans. At this point in time, think there is not enough video footage of the show where I nail each that is going to give you guys a new side into my home, new side that shows I can not only dance and have a fun, but can also  sing and be one time with the music.

 I will keep taping it and you the fans will have access to see it live or recorded and un-edited. 

 I am excited to brings this fun feature into works. It will start next Tuesday Oct 21st we should have the first live full 30 min show...You just wont get to see the costumes that the real show has. 

 My friend Ricky Martin is doing this on his website, it's great to see him learning the timing and how he wants to sing each song live. Re-take after Re-take until us humans get the songs down to a science. 

Ok on that note, enjoy your weekend and well keep blogging soon. I will post a new video blog Sunday!..

Love Markie :-)

"Sugar Daddy" the next release for Markie!


It's official the first single on 'BE NEAR ME' cd has been sent to my new mastering guys at Universal Music Group. Should take them 2 weeks or less to complete the final master and send it back to me. I am over excited. I also must say the album will be delayed until Mid November 2014. Reason is most of the tracks have not been sent to finalize mastering. This takes time. Also I want each song to be as perfect as I can get them before releasing to Universal for final mastering. 

 I believe "Sugar Daddy" is a song that can be a huge hit. I am doing a new photo shoot soon as well. Need new still to make the album cover and also for the insert, promotion ect. 

 I will be creating a press kit to summit to all the pride events and start locking in THE BE NEAR ME TOUR 2015. I am working on outfits to perfect them a little. The Warrior will have some modifying to it. The florescent outfit will be way out there. I mean over the top florescent. I'm excited to showcase these on the new 2015 tour. Ok that is all for now...keep it here for the latest...

Walk The Dinosaur latest demo for new CD!


Yes this is the latest demo of a new song, that I have with my people decided to do live as well. There is a huge fun dance for this song called "Walk The Dinosaur" if I can make it happen again, I would then be proud. I think I can get the audiences participation on this on my live shows. It's also so much fun, upbeat, and a blast. I believe in this song to get people on there feet. Might take a few shows but well perfect it and get you in the video's too...

Blinded Me With Science, Out and "Sugar Daddy" is in as next Single


Hello everyone. Bet you are wondering why or what happened to the single release of "She Blinded Me With Science"? well after my talks with my people, we decided to release a new track of the next album. That new song is one I have been working on for many weeks to get just right. It came out really cool. It don't even sound like me which is really cool.

  I am so glad I chose to do this song too. "Sugar Daddy" is a Thompson Twins song when they moved toward an edgier sound, more rock from what they originally started as kind of bubblegum. When the song was on local station of the time K-100, they played the hell out of it. I always loved it, just never knew who sang it until around 2001. LOL the song came out in 1989. 

 This new version and Markie take was so much fun to be so creative and really push me vocally to achieve something I have yet done, and to create a sound that ultimately become who I am as an artist. I really believe this will be my first shining song, single, video. I feel that this one has major hit potential and might be the one song that launches my career in full blow go. 

 I really believe in it strongly. I am also going to post and ad to get a crew together to shoot the music video in the coming couple months too. I am very excited to make a video that will represent the song well. Will push it to get major air play, clubs, and stations as well. 

 Im also am back with Universal Music Group. They will be mastering the single and will be doing my mastering on all future recordings. Which also is causing delay in releases. I front the money myself to get these songs and albums out. But will this single and if it becomes my first major breakout hit, then I have A&R guys ready to hear it, and lots of potential big things could come from this. 

 I just hope and pray, and keep creating, learning, and having a ball along the way. I also believe that when it's meant to happen it's meant to happen. I also believe in enjoying the moment when they happen. I really have a good feeling for this song. I am excited.

 "She Blinded Me With Science" was put back in the vault, even though I spent weeks re-recording and reworking the song. I was just not right for a major single release. It however will be a Bonus track on the fourth-coming CD 'BE NEAR ME' which still has a release of Early November 2014. 

I'm trying to make that happen. But art is tricky, some songs just play right to me and others take weeks and weeks to perfect.  I'm never going to rush an album again. I did that with the first one, was to excited to just get it out there, so many mistakes were made, songs were not 100%. I want each song 150% before releasing them for sale. Also I want this next CD to be a major achievement and show major growth...

 I am human and growth is good. I keep learning and growing from that, and like I said before, also having a lot of fun along the way. 

 Ok, so more soon! No cover art as of yet! I am also going to have a new photo shoot soon. I need new stills to work with for this new CD. Hard copies will be available too via my website and amazon on demand. The single will be released as a hard copy as well as digital download. 

 I will try to get a DJ mix done it time, not sure if that will happen. So might just be the one single song as of now. I am trying different things in that arena too. Remixing my own sounds since I still have yet to find a DJ willing to make it a huge dance track. I think it would cool to have this one as a dance track for the clubs....Well see! 


"She Blinded Me With Science" Two Track Single Drops Sept 23th! 2014


Yes we are keeping the singles going. After listening to the album, and remixing one the songs, and it's been a long summer without a single release from THE LOOK album. I have decided to release "She Blinded Me With Science(Single Version) & (Extended) versions. The single can be bought as a physical copy at on demand as well. This the first single with two versions. 

 The following single after this will be the Remix of "Send Me An Angel'89 and will include three or four versions of the song. This will also be on on demand where here you can get a physical copy CD as well. There will still be the Itunes and Amazon, XBox etc downloads.

 After these two releases between Sept. 23 and Oct. 23 rd. The 2nd CD called BE NEAR will launch on Oct 23 with yet un-specified first single the same day.

 Did you get all that??? LOL It's a wild an fun time for me. Lots of buzz and releases. Also a few cool new things. Facebook and my Distributor have teamed to bring a new thing to my facebook page that makes it even easier for you the buy to buy and share my music. I will have more details on this really cool new feature ASAP.

"Send Me An Angel'89(Dance Remix)"will finally be released to national radio stations as I was held back by my Distributor. They have also teamed up with National Radio to now distribute my single to major ratio stations across the US, and also exposure to A&R reps too. That is why the wait has taken place.

I love my distributor they are amazing. They are as fabulous as the new Iphone 6! haa I will be getting the Iphone 6 Plus, to help in my work and daily life. Wont happen until April 1,2015 however. Ok that is the latest...By Markie

PS. My blog is now pushed to my twitter account, so you should be getting these posts from now on though twitter. My Webhost is also fabulous. Well worth the minor fee to have a great site. I will also be revamping the sight ASAP...

NEW song replaces "When Will I Be Loved"


Hello everyone,

 I am excited to have a completed a new song for the 2nd follow up cover CD I have titled 'Be Near' at this point. The new song is called "Sleeping Single In A Double Bed" about letting a guy go and since I did I'm sleeping alone. This of course is not my reality. I am dating a great guy. The song was a #1 hit for Barbara Mandrell. I always loved the song too. 

 I'm blessed to be able to cover the song on this last cover CD. I really wanted this CD to be songs that I loved and I really enjoyed growing up. The songs are all different and mixed bag of many styles and types of music. I'm a fan of music, I like a little of everything. 

 I wanted to do a few country songs as they never seemed to country to me growing up. I just loved arrangements or music styles and mixes. I'm working on many songs and I have finished "Be Near" and will be dropping "When Will I Be Loved" from opening song on the Tour and from the 2nd CD. 

 I am working many songs, and I promise to bring the best of my abilities  this time around. The songs will not all be 80's but mixed, 70's, 90's. Just songs that have influenced my life.

 I have not decided on the final Cher song I will add to the album, but there will be one. I also will try a Pasty Cline song and see if I can pull that off. There will be the live show version of "Love Is A Battlefield" which I do perform in the live show tour. Ok thats about the latest...



Hello Everyone,

 I took some time out to do the #IceBucketChallenge today. You can see the Video on my site here. Was so much fun! I challenged BFF Gioia Bruno of Expose', Jamie Rider (BF), Kathy Caldera (BFF), Ryan Navarette (BFF), Daveo Falaveo (GayLifeTelevison), Ari Gold (Musician), Neil & Deb's (Gadio Radio). Kathy Caldera also met the challenge. She accepted and shot her video today as well. You can also take part in this amazing charity at and donate as much or as little as you can. My twitter pal Nancy O'Dell who's mom passed from ALS is the reason I did the challenge and will be donating what I can as well. It's a fun way to help raise money for this horrible disease.

Thank you to everyone who donates and takes part in the #IceBucketChallenge as well! XOXOX



Yes I have been approached to do the #IceBucketChallenge so I accepted the challenge and will be shooting the video Wed of this week. My pal Nancy 'O Dell (from Entertainment Tonight) mom passed away from ALS. This is what the challenge is for. You either except the challenge and donate or just donate. 

 Cher is also doing the challenge this month. Some whom have recently did it are Kylie, Ricky Martin, Wil Smith, Dolly Parton, etc.

Im up for the challenge and looking forward as well. Will post the video here for you and everyone. Excited! Yay!

"Cant Say Anything" Is going to be released before Dec???


Hello everyone! I'm so excited to work on this new song I wrote. Was shooting for a December 2014 release. Now I am working hard on this the first single from the new self penned CD called 'Cant Say Anything'. That is the albums working title at this point. The song is called "Can't Say Anything" and will also include a fun video. The dance track is about the fact that this day in age you can't say anything without get shit for your thought or opinion. 

 I hope this song hits with the people. I really believe in it. I am excited to place my lyric and get this one mastered and released. I am shooting for an earlier release date then Dec. Well see if this comes to pass. I am over excited to finally get a song out there that UK and club stations can play. I believe this one will be of interest to all that hear it. 

 I will be doing the 2nd cover CD as well. Re-recording "Spin Me (Right Round)" this week and "Hot In The City". Will be working on there tracks for the this new cd too. Also will be working on Christmas cd this week. 

Love Markie



Hello Everyone,

 I have been making music all damn day! Have an albums worth of music for 2015 which I wrote and came up with. Very excited to about doing my own original material. I posted four songs, simple clips to give you an idea of what I am talking about. In between recording the next cover CD and Christmas CD. I am working on the very passionate album for early Spring release.

 I think at this point "You Can't Say Anything" will be the first single, might have to compete and released in DEC. To build up hype over the original works.

 I just keep plugging away...My heart and passion will be in these new songs 2015. I really hope the fans like and get into them, some dance, some R&B and some ballads. I love them all. I can see several on Gaydio Radio and Other gay radio stations since its modern, new and upbeat.

 Which is where I wanted to go from the start. But no one starts at the top, one must pay there dues.. I also will be doing a dance cover of "Ain't No Love" which samples Caribean Queen. Very exciting version. Hell of dance..

 Ok Better jet...many more things to do tonight..Love Markie



Hello Everyone. Wow cant believe summer is almost over. Welcome sept. Will be in SF for Folsom Street fair weekend. Not sure if I perform a song or two while there. Been working hard on new original music that I wrote and created and I have 6 or 7 of the songs music done. Just have to add lyrics to fit these songs. Which is so much more fun then recording others works. However with that being said. I am working on Christmas CD and one more final Cover CD. Both of which am still very excited about. The orginal works will be on a 2015 early summer released CD. 

Lets just say that will skyrocket my career into something interesting. I believe in these songs. I can give one little hint of a song I just about wrote today. Title as of right now "You Are A Bad Man" which is about a guy that was no good and I left him. Which we all can relate too. The music is upbeat and cool. 

 I am also excited to possibly release one original works by Dec with a special Christmas time release. Also I have been working on the florecent outfit for the tour and have come up with a cool outfit and new shoe. This new outfit will be revealed in 2015. 

 Also I have been talking to my new guy about shooting a music video or two. I know I had mentioned before that I have been way behind in music video shoots. I want to shoot one for "Love Is A Battlefield" and use my dancers and the Warrior costume and blue/black mohawk. Think a video would be cool. This will be a new single on the 2nd cover CD. The versions is so much better and it's in long form. Maybe I can do a long form video like Michael Jackson used to do. 

 My dancers Jeci and Celina are totally game for such fun. Will be looking into locations ASAP. 

 Also I have plans for shooting a video for the Christmas CD. The first single will be "This Christmas" and the video shooting starts this month of Sept. Granted no snow up there yet. Up there meaning heavenly ski resort. I have clearance to shoot B roll for the video using the gondola too.

 So I have been a busy guy. I have been working on the down-sized show, I have to many songs and cut two out, which I still have three outfits and 4 dancers. Some shows will have two dancers and other might have 6 dancers. But the songs are listed here as of now:

1)Intro Music dance number 2:00 min

2)When Will I Be Loved

3)Wild Wild West

4)Love Is A Battlefield

5)Gypsies Intro 2:00 min

6)West End Girls

7)Send Me An Angel (Encore)

Thats how the line up is now. Roughly 30 min show maybe a little less. I am excited to bring this show to the world and to the USA Gay Prides across the nation and if it takes off like I think it will, overseas.. UK is calling! 

Markie :-)



Wow so much fun! Reno Gay Pride was just amazing this year. Huge turn out and great weather. The show was good, needs some tweeks as I knew it would. Going to drop a couple songs, that seemed to be not needed. The outfits rocked, they are keepers. My vocals are getting better. Still needs some work. It's about 80 % awesome! HAA 

 I love "Love Is A Battlefield" doing the dances and rocking on that song is so much fun. I really enjoyed it most. My dancers Jeci, Celina, Mary were so fun, awesome and amazing. They really were fabulous. Thank you so much. 

 I also enjoyed hanging out at the Pride Event this year.Everyone was so fun, great and fabulous. The whole weekend was just fun fun fun. 

I cant wait to fix a few things and perform again. Maybe Folsom Street in SF, Ca for sure Oct 16, 2014 will be show 2 of 20 or more though 2015. 

I will post video teaser and photos when I have min. LOL Been crazy since the performance. All good crazy though..

Love Markie :-)



Two Days and counting! THE LOOK TOUR 2014-15


Hi everyone, it's almost time for the kick off of THE LOOK TOUR 2014. Been told tee's and CD's will be arriving a week after the show. Well, I will have them for Tucson, AZ and for shows in 2015. I will post a link where shirts and CD's and soon DVD's will be available after this first kick off show. It's so the way, right 5 months planning this tour, and still come to last min for others to come through.

 I also secured thanks to lead dancer Jeci, all 4 dancers for this show. Your all going to be amazed as these gals can kick ass on the dance floor. Just you wait. Dancers will be in costume too. Show is a spectacular. I'm so over excited for it to be the best to date. 8 songs, 4 dancers, 2 full dance numbers, 4 costumes. It's not a show, its a Extravaganza of fun, color, and pride!

 Ok, back into the more from Harrah's the host hotel.

Markie :-)

FIRST SHOW Fast Approaching! Aug 16,2014


I can't believe it's almost here. The first big show of 2014. It has been in the works for over 5 months and now were only 5 days away for showing all our hard work. I mean our's mom helped create these amazing fun costumes. Jeci and Celina are both amazing and are going to rock the stage for you guys. I couldn't do a production show like this without them. I greatly appreciate them and all that have helped with the many many aspects of the show.

 Now with that being said, it's going to be one hell of fun show. I'm over excited and nerves are in check. I think because of knowing the dancers will be there to, has kept me calm and I can just belt it out and have lots of fun. Be my silly self in the best place I have ever excelled, which is on stage. I hope to get the audience to feel the show, get into it, and just have a ball of a good time.

Then I know it was all worth it, and well keep entertaining the fans across the USA in 2015. Were hoping for shows in Sacramento, Ca , SF, Ca, Palm Springs, Ca, Chico, Ca Davis, Ca, West Hollywood, Ca Chicago, IL, Long Beach, Ca Russian River (Gernville), Ca just to name a few. Well, see what is in the cards. 


THE LOOK TOUR in Rehearsals NOW!


Hello everyone,

 Yes The Look Tour is now in full rehearsal with 4 dancers locked in and possibly 2 more. Shame I am not getting paid for this first outing. Sure is costing me a lot of personal dough. But if you want to achieve something in life sometimes you but your money where your mouth is.  I am still so excited to put on this amazing show. It is amazing too. Lots of color and lots of fun great music. I hope the show gets to continue through 2015 with many stops. 

 I have been getting offers to come to UK too. Would love to get the show perfected here in the US and then take it over to the UK. The Look Tour is going to be so much fun.




Wow, where have I been? LOL I can tell you, been working on new CD, Christmas CD, and most of my time has been searching for dancers for the kick off of THE LOOK TOUR 2014-15. The show is going to be very exciting. Three costume changes, 8 songs, and 4 dancers. I'm over excited. 

The songs are coming a long. They are different in years not all 80's songs. I am excited to do some ballads and some changed music scores for some of the songs I am working on. These songs are taking lots of time, due to the fact the next CD should be really really good. Quality is superior to the first CD. 

 The first CD THE LOOK was very experientnal, a learning curve was for surely to happen on the first Cd. The new one is just so much more, in terms of quality and type of songs. Some have sax and the music is more.

 Vocally I am coming a long well as well. So all around the album is looking great. I just hope it is sucessful, and people enjoy it. Two songs of the 10 are completed. You can hear demos here and only here.

 I'm also working very hard on the tour. All costumes are complete. My lyric reader is imputed in case I loose my place, songs are numbered and costumes are number. Show is a go, and ready. Just more rehearsal with the dancers. I have my part down, have the songs down, and keep on working on the songs, singing them the hell wont have me...

The process is fun. I am looking forward to performing for the fans and family. That is the reward for the hard work. I have lots of fun up beat dance moves and upbeat songs choices that no one knows yet!

 I have kept the costumes and songs quiet. A hard task to do, and one I have learned from Cher. The eternial performer of all time. 

 I am excited to do Reno Pride Aug 16,2014 and Tucson, AZ pride a month later Oct 16,2014. I have fans ready to see this show in both Reno and Tucson. More dates for 2015 will be annouced soon.

Love Markie :-)

MARKIE'S Birthday Today!


Hello everyone! Yes today is my Birthday. I turn 39 years old today. It's quite crazy to me that I am pushing 40 and have so much I want to do still. The day has been quite cool, there is calming about turning late 30's. Earlier 30's I felt weird about, this birthday don't fell bad. I look great, feel great and am so ready for this first ever music tour in 2015. So shit, 39, no biggy. I also always compare my age to the ever lasting grandom' Cher. Cher at 40-41 was really kicking ass. I believe that I will be really kicking ass at those years too. 

 Cher has said 40-41 she was in the best shape of her life and she was having a ball with life. So I am totally looking forward to next year 2015 turning 40! I feel by then I will have a good handle on my music, the tour will be in full swing, I will have three CD's to my credit and working on the 4 th by then. 

After all is said and done, I am greatful for the fans, friends and family I have. In your late 30's your learn a lot if you have an open mind. One of the many things I have learned is not to let the small stuff effect you, don't let people (family or friends) bring you, put on foot in front of the other and never look back on the past. Learn from it, and more forward. 

 Anyways, my Bday has been a great one. I had a pre-Bday party at a local water park (yes I'm Mature, lol) we spent the day there. Went across the street to play miniture golf, had so much fun with 18 holes, we played another 18. We left there and went to the nasscar go-carts and rode those for 12 laps. Talk about fun. I had a blast. My friend Kathy bought the cake at the water park and bought me fedchini dinner after the go carts. I love my pasta. 

 I am so blessed and lucky to be doing things I always dreampt of and believed I could do. I am very luck. Any advice to getting older is follow your passion when you can and as soon as you can. Never give up on the things you like and are good at. Also never let anyone tell you cant do something. If you wait for people to tell you your good at something, you might as well take a picnic lunch, you know what I mean. 

 Just do the thing you like, and do it to the best of your ability. I am doing music after my whole life, taken till I was 37 to really get into it. I wish I had a bit ealier, but somethings in life happen for reasons. I know now, I can handle fame well now. Love Markie



As you all know I had planned on doing Christmas CD last year or EP. Timing and life got the better of me. This year I will be putting it out in November. I will be shooting a music video for one of the songs if not two. I start work on this ASAP as well. 

 One song for sure is "Cold December", "Let It Snow, Let It Snow", "This Christmas", "White Christmas" just to name a few...I believe "This Christmas" can be a single, well see. 

 I also will be shooting some cool Tahoe video footage with the snow in Nov. That will be added to the music video/s. That is the latest for now on this project...Love Markie :-)

Dancer Auditions Continue This Tuesday!


Hello Guys,

 I have been so busy covering shifts on day job that I have yet to meet my new dancers. Looks like six is going to be a lot easier then thought. I might just add a couple more for the fun of it. I am at work now and on my 9 straight day. I get to have Sunday off. Will be working all day on music, arranging songs and learning the songs the songs for the live shows coming up. 

 I have to tweet the music some more to make it work non-stop and with the right tempo, bass ect. I want amazing sound when blasted as it will be. Also working on vocals. I will be vocal coached next week to get my vocals in the best shape for the live gigs to come and for recording the second CD. I have stated two songs. One sucked and I just didn't like it. 

 I must say the next CD might go into a different direction. It seems to going into the direction of just a cover album of songs I have loved my whole life and have song my whole life and I know most of the words, phrasing, and vocals by heart.

 As I was recording "Rio" I thought to myself, that is a song I like but never a song I sung all the time. It would be great to do songs I already know, and since I am the master producer I have the right to make it what I want. 

 The current song I am working on is "Be Near", and next up will be "It's A Miracle", "Take It To The Limit" working on arrangement, a re-recorded "Sugar Daddy", "True",  "Take Me Home (produced by Bob Esty)will be recorded late summer and last track added to the CD. Also trying these few "Break My Stride", "More And More"(a 90's dance club hit by Captain Hollywood Project). I am always looking for songs that catch my ear or that I just loved my whole life. I might ad a county song too like "Lotta Love" which Nicolette Larson sang or "Back In Baby's Arms" a Pasty Cline tune.

 I will keep working on the CD and songs that I have loved, might also include some rock/metal songs that might work for me like "Don't Treat Me Bad" from Firehouse. Well see...

I'm planning a meeting the dancers on Tuesday June 24th with a rehearsal that same week. It's crucial to get the CD of the music done Sunday. Each dancer will have there own copy of the music so learn moves that work.

 The show I am excited to say will be very entertaining and the costumes will be very fun and upbeat. We hope to bring everyone a great time! Were really excited to rock next year on the Big Markie The Look Tour 2015. 

 I'm working on Tee-s and tanks for the show and tour asap. I will be doing that on Tuesday. Have a meeting with local company to see if that works for me. Will keep you posted on all these new things...Love Markie:-)



Hello everyone. Well so much to report. The first sales from the albums and singles are coming it. It has been doing quite nicely. Very excited about that. The album has been received well for the most part. A few bad reviews, but at least its getting heard, played and reviewed. If it sucked that bad people wouldn't bother with taking the time to review it at all. 

 It is my first ever effort. Took a year to learn what equipment i needed, learned to record with it, learned to use the mic when recording to get the best sound, learned to mix & master with what equipment I had at the time, leaned to do artwork. Quite a feat considering I had nothing but one road block after the next hit me. 

 I am excited to share that the next album will indeed but night and day better. I have learned many more things, tech things that will enhance the next CD and make a real mark on the CD market. I will also be doing pro-artwork too. The CD will also be mass produced and available in stores like Wal-Mart and Target, ect. The deal is done already. I am shooting for a late fall release. Also working on the Christmas CD. 

I start recording this week. I will be shooting a music video for the Christmas Album as well. I promised it last year and the songs never came together. As timing is a huge player in getting the work correct and proper for release. 

 I am auditioning dancers this week. I found and have 3 gals and 1 man at this time. I just need two more guys and we are ready. I start rehearsals as soon as the two guys are locked in. The production will be somethings to see. I have a lot of pressure on myself that this Aug 16, 2014 show is EPIC and will put me and my dancers on the map, as well as start big news in the Reno, NV area. 

 The show is going to Amaze, Dazzle, and Rock Reno, NV and Gay Pride like it has never been before. I still cant and wont release details as to the costumes and dance moves...

 I am over excited to also start vocal rehearsals in Reno, NV starting this coming Thursday. Have to get my chops in great shape and ready for 30-35 min stage show. I have not sung live since the quick song May 25th in Palm Springs, CA which my vocal was quite frankly all over the place.

 If I had played up until that time I would have nailed it and overcome my damn nerves. I so have stage fright, and I need to grab a hold of it and not let me get the better of me. Again no class can teach you this, just messing up again and again until I get it under control.

 With vocals and dance moves down to a science, I think the show will ultimately be a fun excited and amazing time like no one has ever seen from me. 

 I am working on other things as this time too. Like locking in future gigs and how to re-create this spectacular show in other Cites. Its all coming together and will be fun this time and a blast.

 I am also working on Tee-shirt companies and might have a place this coming week that will knock out a bunch of tee's and possible tank tops. Online piece work is to costly for both Me and my fans. I don't want to rack anyone over the coals to ware a Markie shirt. I want to sell them at a reasonable rate, and have the fans appreciate that.

I do have the shot glasses that are $10-$12 those are so cool and well worth the price. I will have a few for sale at the event Aug 16, 2014 Reno Gay Pride at Wind Field park downtown.

 I better jet, will post more as it comes in. As you know all things are forever changing and evolving. With that being said the stage show is coming along and I hope you love what me and the dancers are working hard on as team...Love Markie :-)



Hey guys. Hope your all enjoying the June month. I have been busy working on songs. Recorded two new ones for the second CD dropping Oct 7,2014. Also will start work next month on the Christmas CD. One of the songs I recently did, was a Duran Duran song called Rio. I worked on it for a week and still just couldn't get it right. It will be shelved. It's A Miracle will be added for sure. I will also be doing more songs that didn't make the first CD. They just need to be re-recorded. The whole reason the first CD was started was to showcase vocal talents. This second CD will show a range of songs, including some great ballads. I have two that seem perfect for me. Will see how they go. 

 Some songs just at not a good fit. It's those songs that catch my ear and those that I think I could try sometimes go by the way side. I always keep everything, bad versions and mistakes. 

 I am excited to get this second CD done. Meanwhile I am working on the tour, merchandise, CD's and posters ect. Its slow but coming along. The second live gig this year is fast approaching and will be in Reno NV Aug 16, 2014 at Wind Field Park downtown for Reno Gay Pride. Show is going to be awesome. Will be filmed too. 

That's about it for now, will blog more on Saturday...Sunday!!!! Markie:-)



Hello everyone,

 I wanted to apologies to all that attended the Hunter's in Palm Springs, Ca show. I had planned on having Tee-Shirts to give/sell, and CD's too. I worked out best that I promoted it to target the buyers to Amazon on Demand and you can get a physical/hard copy there. It is also on Itunes and Amazon for download as well.

 I will have Tee-shirts, posters, key chains, stickers and other things for sale at Reno Pride. I will also have them here on the site for pre-sale as well. I am just trying to find the best company that has the best quality for the best price as well. Keep it here for the latest...

Love Markie :-)



Hey Guys,

 I have been hard at work recording a new song for the fall CD with a slated release date of Oct 14,2014. Which is exciting news. It is a Duran Duran song from 1982 called "Rio". Sounds like a simple song, until I started recording it. I also have not recorded since March. Have to condition vocals again. However The palms Springs performance was a hit. My vocals were good at best, I want amazing. I think all of us singers want perfection every time, however we are human and prone to have little hick-ups from time to time vocally. 

 I promised that this second CD, not really a follow up album. Will still be an 80's cover album with a select number of tracks that seem to have a lot of sax in them. You will only get the exclusive clips here on my site. I am keeping the tracks quiet to most. 

 I am also enjoying auditioning dancers for the Big Show in Aug. 16, 2014. With lots of rehearsals to come and lots of prep to knock the opening of the big show out of the ball park. I am excited to perform Reno Pride this year with a lot of family and new friends attending the pressure will be high, the show will be intense and the costumes, will be something of magic and something Reno Pride has never seen before. The show will consist of 4-6 dancers, 6 songs, 3-4 costumes and a total 30 min production of full on energy entertainment...

 Ok, so that is what is happening at this point. The Christmas CD will be dropping in Nov. No real set date yet. I am excited to re-record the single i only released here on the this site. That track will be on the CD, it is called "This Christmas".

 On the music video's, production for "The Look" music video has been pushed back until this summer. Originally the footage from performing live in Palm Springs, Ca was going to be used a lot in this video, but the song was axed at the last min. "Send Me An Angel'89" was the one song chosen to be performed. Which is featured on my VEVO and VIMEO channels.

 I will keep you posted on the production of the Video for "The Look". Have some cool ideas, and want to use one of the costumes in the video. Also was going to use some college guys for the production and might have access to a killer space to shoot...Well see....will keep you all posted on progress...

Love Markie :-)



Hey guys just uploaded a new track for you the fans to preview. It's call Rio. It's the first of many tracks I will be working on until the second CD is complete. This is the first track where the music and vocals are equal. The Second CD will be off the hook. I am very excited to be working on it with the things I learned from the first one.

 The Christmas one will be in the works shortly as well. Excited to add what I have learned to both of these CD's. Then I start work on all original Markie written songs. Exciting time...

MARKIE Rocked Palm Springs, Ca May 15-20th


Hello everyone,

 What an amazing trip to Palm Springs, Ca this past weekend. The performance was so fun and though was not perfect, it went well. I do have it on video and sent it to my distributor to be approved for my VEVO Channel. The Bright outfit was a hit. Though my nerves got the better of me even after a double shot of Patron 10 mins before. I missed one word in the first verse, It was not because I didn't know the song, it was nerves. But I kept on going, one foot in front of the other, and then I mellowed and had some fun with it. 

 I will overcome these nerves in the future. I will a tighten up the dance moves and vocals too. Glad it was taped and I could see where improvements need to be made. Was great that BFF Ryan taped it with my Iphone 5 S, but didn't get the whole ending were I introduced the back up dancers and thank the Crowd. Was amazing standing ovation and the whole place clapped. I was over whelmed. 

The whole weekend went so fast. Was so much fun. Thank you Hunters for being amazing and letting me sing at your club. Thanks to Escape Resorts for allowing us to stay and extra night. 

 Special love and thanks to Not So Innocent the store next to Tucans for being amazing. Made lifelong friends with Joey and Bill. Both amazing people. If your in Palm Springs, CA stop in and see them. Fun store and amazing fun guys! Xo

Love, Markie



Hey there,

 I am ready for the kick of of Markie The Look Mini Tour. Kicks of May 18th at Hunters. I dont have tee-shirts as planned. Couldnt find a company that could produce enough and in time. I will keep working on this. The costume for the song I am singing is ready to premiere. No clues will be given until show day. I will be filmed too for this performance. That's very exciting.

 I will also reveal the new hair color and cut Thursday for my arrival at Palm Springs, Ca. If you see me walking around or at lunch by all means come up and say hi. I love to chat with the fans. Your all special to me.

 The single is doing well, and the album is racking up sales. I greatly appreciate all the support, feeback and love you have all shown. I would also love reviews on both or all the sites where the album is at.

I also am going camping for a night before Palms Springs, CA trip. I am jet skiing and will have pictures to show from the trip. Gone from Day job for 10 whole days. I am very excited to interact with my fans friends in Palm Springs, Ca.

Ok better jet...Love You......Markie :-)



Hey Everyone,

 Check out my new Vevo channel. Thanks to buddy Boy George that turned me onto VEVO you can now watch the Music Video "Send Me An Angel'89" in 1080 HD, and two behind the scene clips that are also in 1080 HD. Check it out now:


Love Markie



Hello Everyone,

 Fans have been asking about Tee-shirts and tour items. I am working finding a good company. Not sure if I will use the one posted at this point. I will post the link and mention the time of the launch ASAP. I will have be selling Tee's and tanks at first Performance May 18.

 I will also have a basket with The Look CD and Tee, and some other fun things for auction on the live gig date! Looking forward to seeing you in Palm Springs, Ca May 15-18th.

Love, Markie

Markie Needs REVIEWS!


Hey Everyone,

 Just wanted to ask all those whom have bought the CD/Download on both Amazon and Itunes to please leave Feedback. I would greatly appreciate it. I helps to hear back from the fans that buy the product. Thanks to all that have bought it and those whom are still waiting to pick up there copy. I appreciate you all very much! Without you the fans, I would not have a career. I love and respect you very much!

Big hugs and XXX


Markie - THE LOOK is out on Physical/Hard Copies at


Much to my amazement, Markie THE LOOK is doing gang busters in sales on physical/hard copy. If you want the actual promotional version of the CD just click the link below

Eveyone seems to love the real in hand CD vers, download. I was taken by suprise at this. I really did enjoy making the album of covers I have always loved too. I hope you all are enjoy the album. It really is a labor of love I never thought in a million years I could actually pull off.

Just goes to show you, never give up, never let others tell you NO! Just keep pushing and plugging away, you will win the end. I hope this is just a start for me to many many years as an artist.

 Enjoy the album,

Love Markie :-)



Happy Cineo De Mayo! Well I have been away a bit. Been working on show and prep for the next CD. I have added a few new songs to the line up. The second CD will release this fall. Will be even more amazing then this first one. Will have all new songs (80's Covers). Have learned a few new tech things that will enhance the CD into being the best Markie CD to date thus far. Also the Christmas Album is in working stages as well.

 The Markie Mini The Look Tour is kicking off May 18 at Hunters Palm Springs the areas premiere dance club. This will be on a Sunday an at a charity event car wash held every year in May. There will be amazing cute & sexy guys in swin trunks washing your car for $5. Yes yours truely will be out there washing cars too.

 I am looking forward to meet all the new fans and seeing the guys I have not seen since Palm Springs last year. Not only will I be performing "Send Me An Angel'89" live, I will be out at Tucans with my friends, Ryan, Morgan McMicheals(Yes from RuPauls Drag Race), Denton, Mason Garrett, Michael Brandon, ect.

Every year we love to let our hair down usually Saturday night after the amazing pool party. Anyone is welcome to the pool party held at The Canyon Club Resort this year in Palm Springs, CA. I tried to sing here, logistics were no good. I am looking forward to a fun week in Palm Springs, CA.

Were gonna take over Palm Springs, Ca starting May 15, 2014 until we leave on Monday May 19th.



Hey guys the first album is out now! You can get both digital copies at ITunes or Amazon the links will be posted below. You can also get a promotional physical hard copy at Amazon too. The album so far is doing excellent. On Sportify I "Safety Dance" has had over 1000 plays already. I am excited to team up with Pride Nation for my promotions of this CD and second single "The Look". I have also been working on the tour. Had costume fittings this past week. Back for final sizing next week. Then its tons of rehearsals to prep for the big/mini tour. The costumes are going to be something of amazement. Daring and fun! I'm busting ass at the gym this week too. Have three weeks to be in knock out shape. I can achieve this usually in two.

 I am also excited to note that I'm getting lots of Prides that want me and I have to say no, as I'm booked up the rest of the year. Next year will be a huge tour 30 gigs planned. It's going to be huge. Music video is still on schedule for late May for "The Look". Been working on song selection for the next CD in the fall. Will have professional photo shoot for that CD. Adding a few new songs, keeping it quite is the hardest part.

 What else is happening! Oh, I'm performing 1 song in Palm Springs, Ca May 18th at Hunters Palm Springs. I think I go on around 2 pm! Event times have changed to 1-6pm! Mark your calendars. Costume has been finalized for this performance too! Will have to cute sexy guys dancing behind me as well. Going to be a blast.

I think that is about it for now! Here are the links:

HARD COPY (Amazon)






DIGITAL DOWLOAD (ITunes) "The Look" Single


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (Amazon) "The Look" Single



Ok guys, new distributor TuneCore has singed sealed and delieverd the first of three albums. I finalized the full 13 tracks this am, and summitted them today around 6PM. They say that it will hit most digital downloads places by Tuesday April 8th. Finally a good distributor that has owned up to what it says. I love when a plan comes together.  

 This album has been in the works for 1 year 8 months! Finally looks to be seeing the light of day. I really hope everyone likes it. I did learn so many things from the experience that this is act is really a work of learning. I could have done so many things better now, but we all have a start. This is mine. I think over all and over all the trials and errors and mistakes. This was quite an achievement after all.

 Had I listen to everyone, had I keep relying on others to make this happen, I would still be at home thinking about this. I put one foot in front of the other and kept trucking along. Pushing those that tried to throw me off track and grabbing onto those willing to help. It's been a long journey. The Journey is still going forward. There are a lot more things to learn. I am here with open arms and ready to begin the first of more exciting years ahead in music.

 Just hang in there guys, this is just a start. I have many many more years to offer you all tons of cool music and many many I have written. Thank you to everyone for being a fan, friend or family and helping me when I was unsure about a career I had only dreampt I could have!

Love Markie :-) XOXO



We are officially a go with the Tour. Want a bigger one, but will start with three live gigs and possible 4th in Septemeber. The gigs are listed below:

1)Hunter Night Club Palm Springs, Ca May 18,2014 11-5pm (1 pm) Markie, I will be performing two songs. This will be shot for usable footage for the upcoming "The Look" music video.

2)Reno Gay Pride Reno, Ca Aug 16,2014 (time will be announced) 6 songs, 30 min set. Big show, cant give away anything just yet! Lets just say will be huge production.

3)Folsom Street Fair, Main Stage, San Francisco, CA Sept 18,2014 (30 min show, six songs) This is in the works still

4)Tucson Arizona Gay Pride Tucson, AZ Aug 16, 2014 (30 min show, 6 songs) Huge production as well. Excited to bring AZ my first stage show.

That will be the start, I will also have CD release parties in Sacramento, Ca and Reno, NV and possible Las Vegas. These are in the works. In and around the live gigs and day job. So keep a look out for 2015. The second tour will be huge for me. Working on some 20 -30 gigs all across the USA for 2015.

Looking forward to entaining you like with my stage show and bringing you full fun dance upbeat enterainment.

Love, Markie XOX

Markie, New Distributor, New Album, New Single..What???


Hello Everyone,

 It's true I signed on a new Distributor. Thought they give me the artist a way better deal, and promote more places as well. Looking forward to trying then out with the first of Three albums. This is also still on track for Tuesdays new music day release April 8, 2014. I am overexcited to post the links as soon as I have them from the distributor. The also seem to do things a lot quicker. I like, anyone that knows me knows I like to get shit done and more forward.

 The album of 13 tracks is called 'THE LOOK'. Track listing is below:

1)Gypsies/West End Girls

2)Self Control

3)No More Words

4)The Look

5)Dark Lady

6)The Warrior

7)Wild Wild West

8)She Blinded Me With Science

9)Chains Of Love

10)I'll Tumble 4 Ya!

11)Safety Dance(Dance Version)

12)Love Is A Battlefield

13)Send Me An Angel(2014)

That is the official track Line up! I already signed the contract with the new distributor today. Just have to log into website and upload tracks which will happen this am. Cool right???!

Will also shoot out the next single "The Look" on April 22, 2014 on Earth Day! The Cover is done and complete and will most likely shoot the music video In May. Video shoot was delayed in March and might not happen this month. Looks like May will be cool. Have lots of ideas for "The Look" and might just some footage from the first Live gig in Palm Springs, Ca at Hunters. May 18,2014 I perform two songs. "The Look" being one of them. Still deciding on the other...Send Me, or West End Girls??? Will make final decsion soon.

 Also rehearsals comense in two weeks. Delay in schedule due to my day job which helps finance this career. I will be working six days at day job. Thus getting the record out this coming tues is priorty one.

So looks like it will be out on time and on schedule April 8, 2014..Again I will blog the links and post all over the site, twitter, facebook ect.

Just keep in mind this is the first CD. I had to learn lots of things while making this one. I have now learned, so each CD from this one on will be better and better. Vocals, arrangements Ect. It's only up from here...

Love Markie XOXO


Second Single Release has changed..AGAIN!



 The latest news on the second single "She Blinded Me With Science" will be pushed back until the summer. The second single will offifically be "The Look" and will drop Itunes and Amazon, Xbox, Androaid store the same week the album drops. I will post the cover and songs that will be on digigtal download. I believe it will be just a single track and the hard copy will feature no less then two versions. Hard copy for "Send Me An Angel'89" will be released in May 2014 as well, with no less then 4 versions. More details as they come available to me...


Love Ya, Markie

Markie US Mini Tour!


Hello Everyone,

 I'm still on schedule for the now 13 track CD release digigal on April 8,2013. Just in time for what we in the music biz call New Music Tuesdays. Should be on Itunes, Amazon, Android Store, Xbox, and 15 other download sites. Hard copy's will be available as well in Early May. Some of the songs I have Chosen for the first full CD are "The Look" which is the albums title track. "She Blinded Me With Science", my first single "Send Me An Angel'89", "Love Is A Battlefield", "The Warrior", "I'll tumble 4 Ya!", the cool version "Gypsies/West End Girls", "Self Control","No More Words", the only deversion for 80's songs is "Dark Lady", the country/pop "Wild Wild West", my friend lead singer Andy Bell of Erasure " Chains Of Love", the 1982 hit for Men Without Hats "Safety Dance".

 Those are the first songs on album 1. The second album will drop in early fall 2014. With huge suprises. My christmas EP has morfed into a full CD of at least 8-9 songs. That will drop in early Nov 2014. This is due to major fan demand.

 I am locked into three great live performances. Which I am calling the mini Markie The Look Tour 2014. My first live gig is May 18, 2014 at Hunter Night Club Sunday afternoon in Palm Springs, CA. I will be performing 2 songs, and one costume will be revealed then. My close friend will be assisting me Ryan Taylor haa.

I will also be on a local radio station doing an interview in Palm Springs, Ca I just need to get name of the station and will promot it when I do get it.

 The album's press release will shoot out next week as well. Will be hitting all the major gay outlets that one distributor can do. I have a great one.

Second performace that is a huge production is Reno Gay Pride in Windfield Park in Reno, NV. I cant reveal to much just yet. Lets just say it will be a spectacular. I have 5 months to get the stage show down. I can do it. I look forward to this major performace that will put me on the map. There will be a lot of cool strange suprises for the performance of the year.

The third live performance isTucson, AZ Gay Pride Oct 16th. Working out details of this show currently. This will be a fun performance since I have been told I have a following in Tucson, AZ and that the local clubs there play my music video "Send Me An Angel'89" quite often.

Rehearsals start next week (Weather Permiting). In Reno, Nv. I'm excited to start doing what I have dreampt of my my whole life. Some of my visions are going to come to life in this my first stage show mini tour.

With three albums this year alone, and mini tour. 2015 will be an even bigger year with no less then 20 live performance in the works. Major USA tour across the country. It's going to be Epic.

That's it for now. Just want to mention that my facebook and twitter have been blowing up since talks about the album and live gigs. I love all of you here, and on those two sites. Means so much to me that more and more at interested daily. If you follow me on twitter, handle, Hottiemarkie33 you will be able to interact with me personally. I follow back most that follow me.

 Ok guys...have to jet...Love You All! XOXOX

ALBUM Update....


Hello everyone,

So here is the news. The album was on delay for several reasons. First off I have brand new representation. It's official, Mr Matt Byars is now my new agent. He also represents my good friend Bruce Vilanch (6 time Emmy winner, most known for his stint on Hollywood Squares). I'm very excited to be working with such an amazing guy as Mr. Byars. Looking forward to a long an prosperious future.

 On other news: The album Markie THE LOOK will finally be released April 8,2014. This CD will include 11 tracks. I have recorded enough to release two CD's this year. The second will be released in the Fall. The Christmas CD will follow closly behind with a tenitive release in early November 2014.

 The second CD is yet untitled and tracks will be listed at a later date. The next single was "She Blinded Me With Science" which was slated for March 7 release will now be released March 25, 2014 for new music Tuesday.

 The music video will start shooting in April 2014 as well as rehersals with six dancers for Reno Pride blow out show. Costumes will are in the works now, they need to be made and made easy to change and breathable. I will post more as it get the information...There is a lot more happening I cant reveal just yet...

New Single Drops March 7th!


Hello everyone,

 After having such an amazing time with "She Blinded Me With Science" it will be the next single dropping March 7, 2014. It will be a two song single, my first like this. Will feature Single Version and Extended Version. The music video will be shot in Mid March. Looking forward to being overly crazy with Blue hair and spiked. Fun crazy clothes and not sure the direction of video just yet. It will be fun, crazy.

The song is just amazing, gives me chills when I hear it, no for my vocal, the music is magic. This has to be released as a single. "The Look" and title track seem fitting for release about my first live gigs in May 2014 to kick of Markie The Look Tour 2014.

There will be more singles and more videos if this next video goes well. I'm talks with major key players right now. Putting things together for all new material. More on that later.

Final release date of 22-23 track CD is March 11,2014. Meeting with PR gal Wed to finalize the CD cover. New photo shoot will be done this week as well. It's all coming together finally.

I will be going to audition dancers this month too to start rehearsals for live shows Local talent will be amazing. I have already seen a few dancers I want. This years Reno Pride will be the most memorable they have seen thus far. I promise to make it giant this year. Six dancers, five songs, five costume changes, amazing dance numbers I will take part in and jump out off. Will be a real production.

That's about it for now, a lot right! LOL Lot's lot's more I cant express right now. Just hang tough, it's going to be an amazing year! All starts this month.

Love You,

Markie :-)

New Single Cover:

Amazing News Annoucement Soon...


Hello Everyone,

 Big news soon, I cant reveal until end of March. On some news on CD. Im shooting for March 11, 2014. I have two more songs to record. So far the new ones are great, I think "Working Girl" is one that really showcases my vocals. I hit some sustained highs in it. It's a fun song to sing too. Not sure if I will sing it live, but i really enjoy the song, so perhaps.

 I am excited to perform two songs May 18,2014 "Send Me An Angel'89" & a mystery song will be perform at Hunters Palm Springs, Ca. Will have two or three gogo dancers and costume for both songs. They will be playing both the original music video and the remix video at hunters all weekend. Hopefully longer. Will be the first of the Markie The Look Tour.

 I have so much prep to do before the first date May 18. I have to get some tour merchandise, and hard copies of the cd, singles and music videos. These will be for sale, and given away too! Very Excited...!!!

The app is still in development, I have to take two hours to sit down and finalize the features. I will get to this this coming week.

Oh photo shoot still scheduled for this week. Since the weather is going, to be warm and nice, want this shoot outdoors. Umm...I think that is it for now. Keep it here for more exciting things.

New Photo Shoot Set this week!


Hello Guys,

 I have a new photo session set for this week. I'm excited to shoot new stills for the album insert, press and future promotion. This will take place Wed afternoon Feb 18, 2014 since the weather is perfect. This will be an outdoor shoot, some costumes will be on hand. Some Still be taken indoors as well. Have some cool ideas and new stills will follow new hair cut and new blonding as well.

 In other news in talks with many people about a variety of projects, performances and recording sessions. I am excited to announce that I'm closer to getting the Markie App launched. Just days away now...Should feature Music, photos, concert dates, and my tweets. There will always be as well.

 Oh, I almost forgot shooting for March 11, 2014 full 22 Track CD release. Links will be posted here. I am working on hard copies as well sometime in March. Should available in mid April and will have some for sale here on the site too. Will be a big roll out when that comes.

Also will launch a new single, will have the date for that this week. Second single will be "The Look". Music video still planned for march. I also am recording a couple new songs for this album.  Will be recording them this week. As well as rerecording "Working Girl" to get it just right. The version that is on here is just ok. Needs to be perfect...

Merchandise will also be ordered and for sale for the Markie The Look Tour 2014. I will have many styles to choose from for the Premiere date Hunters Night Club in Palm Springs, Ca May 2014. Look here for dates. Tanks and tee's will be on hand. Looking forward to a break out year! Ok keep it here for the latest...

Love, Markie :-)

Added New Music For You!


Hello Everyone,

 I found the "Walking In Memphis" track I started and was never finished from 1994-95. I posted it after transferring it from cassette to MP3. While I found that I also found the three songs I wrote at age 12-15 somewhere in there and had recorded in 1989 and 1990. There was some place in a back of some magazine that you could send songs and they would record demos. Even had contracts I believe I still have those somewhere. I will be looking for them. Away they are "Cher", "Elvis" and "Mermaids". All about what was happening at those times. I think the only one that could be recorded and possibly used is "Elvis" and the title would need changing and some work on the lyrics as well.


 Anyways, I posted these things for you because they shaped who and what I am today. If I had not gone through that period I would not have made it where I am today. Vocally or as a song writer. I Much much better at both these days. Will keep learning and improving. That is about all for now. For those just checking out the site, Welcome. For those regulars keep it here from much much more coming shortly. Big announcement coming!!!!


Updates NEW! and OLD! LOL


Hey guys,

 Just added some video clips from early last year when I was learning the songs live. LOL Some suck but fk it, we all learn somehow. I'm not afraid to show it. I will post new clips from this year soon. I also posted clips of the new songs in the music player and music section with new stills that were fun to make. New photo shoot soon too. Second music video is still planned for March. Not sure which is going to be the next single. THE LOOK or NO MORE WORDS..well see. I think the Look First. LOL

 Will be starting prep for live gigs. Been making the music I will be singing and learning for the Markie THE LOOK Tour 2014 which kicks off in May Palm Springs, Ca. Will be small at first and will grow into 2015. Working tonight on the Markie App, and merchandise. Such as tour tees, coffee mugs, ect.

In between all that, I have been re-recording the album. Only 6 more to go and final release Jan 25 2014. As long as my distributor loves em, then it's a go. So far the distributor loves the remakes. I must say I do too. I can actually listen to em and not cringe! LOL

Am I a Markie fan? Not really, I do like some of the tracks and think, this one is really good. Overall I just hear the things I could have done better, so in that aspect they are never finished to me! I can be over critical, or the album would never see the light of day..haaa.


Album Update and more....!


I'm excited to announce that the record is being for the most part re-recorded. Reason being the distributor didn't like the quailty of a few songs. I had to agree with them. Several could be better. I was able to get the cable that corrects the quality issue I was having. Nothing like more delays right lol. I want this to be a great record that people who pay for it can hear it again and again. I don't want fans to preview it and go ok this sucks and not buy it. I want them great. Not good, but great.

With these new found and corrected issues. The songs I have re-recorded are night and day way better. Just hear "No More Words" is so great, its being looked at as a single and might even be the next single at that. Another song that turned good into great "West End Girls" which was good the first time, but its so great now, It's by far my favorite now on the CD. Single? Well see...

There is "Too Shy" which was one of the quality issues in the first version. This new version is so much better. My singing has improved leaps and bounds and I now know the flow of each song. Each song has its own tone, once you get that down and fine tune the songs flow amazingly. The results are then night and day from the first go I had at these gems.

 I also pulled "Breakout" and "Tonight I'm You're's" as they both never measured up to other songs I wanted to do. Again, it's interesting when you record other peoples songs, you have to understand, learn the meaning and make it flow (Tone). Some songs though I like them or even love them my not be a good fit for me vocally. I think these two I pulled where just that.

 I started two new one's one originally on the list for me to record. That song is "Chains Of Love" by Erasure. Since Mr. Andy Bell and I have become good friends from mutual friends and public award shows. I thought it would be cool to do sort of my amage to him. So far the mix is amazing. I just finished the vocal today, took me 30 mins to lay the vocal. I have been a fan of the song for years. It also is a great choice to show, yet another style to my vocals. This one uses a lot of falsetto.

That of which all the others on the album do not showcase that ever. Plus the bass, dance track to the song is so beefy, fun, uptemp, and it makes you want to move on the dance floor. That is waht I want to groove towards is dance club music. Top 40 with a beat if you will.

 There are a few more songs I am going to add. 22 tracks will be the final number. I just had three versions of "Send Me An Angel" I had added. I will be removing those to make room for the new tracks. Right now two new ones are "Safety Dance" which is from 1982 and was huge hit for Men Wihtout Hats. They just released a new CD last year and wraped up a world tour to sell out venues.

 This song means a lot to me for many reasons. One it was my first cassette tape I ever bought Year 1982. LOL The video is fun and different version then I recorded. I recorded the original album version. Its roughly 4 mins. Has two different parts that video version which is 2:30 mins long, did not have. This will be made into some dance club extended versions I am sure later this summer and might just end of the Markie summer anthem.

 I recorded it twice, it's still not 100%. I will re-record it once again to nail it correctly. The other new one is "Chains Of Love" which I mentioned above. I have re-recorded "Self Control", "West End Girls", "Too Shy", and still have "The Look", "Hot In The City", "The Way Of Love", "Dark Lady", "All Or Nothing", " We All Sleep Alone", "Spin Me Right Round", might just do "The Warrior" again too.

With these tracks slated for re-record, the whole ablum is in delay. Which is fine. Would rather have the songs done to the best I could do then just throw it out. I also will be recording a couple more new ones too. I think "Break My Stide" and two ballads "Victims" and "True" will be slated for tries.

Overall excited to work on these and get them ready by Feb for final release. The next video is still slated for March to be made. Live performances are still in the works with those already posted set already. More news about the new app soon and tour mechandise as well...Love Me!-Markie

ALBUM DELAY! For Good Reason!


Hey there everyone,

 The album and single are both delay (as per usual) if anyone else had my luck they would have only given this business 6 months LOL. Well, here I'm showing those naw-sayers what's up! My distributor didn't like three songs, I must say, I agree, this the first CD has to be Amazing or you will all write me off as passable. I want to make you all feel something. I made one facebooker cry with one of my songs, that's what it's about. If I just sang these songs, what good is that. It's been done. I want to breathe new life into these songs and make people remember that time or period in there life. Otherwise why do a cover album? Anyway, I'm recording two new gems to add and removing two. Also re-recorded about four so far and I must say, they FK rock! I have come a long way. With really a short time. I will start the songs I wrote in Feb. Excited to get my song about Jame AKA Erick Rhodes called "Don't Go Draggin' Him Down". Will be dance song, James loved house and deep dish dance club music so. Enjoy the new song samples on the music section.

 I will be finalizing Tour Merchandise and pushing for the tour In the coming months. So much more planned. I'm excited to start working as of Thursday on the performance for MARKIE THE LOOK TOUR 2014. New video shoot as I mentioned before starts production in Late Feb early March (Weather Permitting). Ok better jet...Love you all for keeping it here, and hanging tough, I promise to deliver the goods! XOX MARKIE

Markie THE LOOK CD drops Jan 14, 2014


Very Excited for the ablum of 21 tracks actually drops January 14, 2014. Which there will be major promotions with this my first CD. I cant wait to see how well it fairs with the fans and public. I will be doing lots of print promotion and will do a lot of live promotion with the launch of my first mini tour Markie The Look Tour 2014 with tee's and merchandise. Im excited to announce that the Tour Starts in May 18, 2014.Only two songs but thats the kick off...working on other dates.

 I am also in works on the official Markie App. It will launch later this month. I will post it when it is approved and ready for downloads. Going to run a test first before actually launching.

 The second single will be "The Look" which drops Next week too. I will post a date. The christmas single is free for download now. The christmas ep will be out at the end of 2014. Timing was the problem. It was done but late. As you all know the whole recording process has taken lots of time.

 I will be working on the album of songs I have written. Will try hard to get "Dont Go Draggin Him Down" to sing live in May. Well see, the full CD will be out in 2015.

Thats about all for now, will post more as I get it.

Love Markie



Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing NYE! Welcome to 2014. Giant year ahead for me. The full album, new singles, new music videos. Plus a single I wrote and created will be out and will try to get my first full album I wrote out as well. I will be on a mini tour as well MARKIE THE LOOK TOUR will launch. My first 2014 gig will be released soon...Just wanted to pop on and wish you all my family and friends a Happy New Years. I spent it safe with my Mom's family and Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper both first time in many years! Was fun! Had coffee instead of drinks this year! Plenty of time for wine and drinks this year that's for sure. Love you all and keep it here for the latest news on me!

XOXOX Markie

Album Schdule to Drop Dec.17,2013


Hi Guys,

 So the album is on schedule for release on Dec.17,2013 full 22 tracks with possible 24 tracks. Not sure about the remixes just yet. Still working on the Christmas EP. The first single "This Christmas" still needs a little more work. Going to re-record it with a little less rock & roll, more slow, and more feeling. Though I think the song is ok, I just don't like how it came out. I wont delete the rock n roll version, but want it to be different.

 Also who the heck records a Christmas EP the same month it's released LOL? I also have taken on the roll of doing the graphics myself. If I keep waiting for others the album would never be released. I want it out, and the cover is cool. Was originally going with the 3D cover. Cause I don't know of an artist that has done that yet. It will be like that on the hard copy. The single will be 3D, hard copy. We decided my assistant to go with original photo and cover. The color enhanced one might be use later on.

 Ok so the first single of the Christmas EP, "This Christmas" will be released Dec 18,2013 and the third single from my fourth coming CD "THE LOOK" will be the title track "The Look" will drop Dec.18,2013 and the album drops Dec.17,2013. The Christmas EP will drop Dec. 24,2013. Got it! LOL I'm confusing myself.

 Going to shoot video for the Christmas single as well. Just working out logistics. Footage will be shot in South Lake Tahoe. Just have to make dates and stick to it.

 Ok enjoy new promo artwork I have added to photos section!

Love Markie



Hey guys,

 WOW I have been away a while. I finished the CD, Went on Vacation, Finished the artwork (myself as usual), finished the first of three Christmas songs. All since I last posted. Also Happy After Thanksgiving. It has been a very busy holiday season. Finally the official ITunes drop date for the album Markie-THE LOOK will be Dec 17,2013 with the Christmas EP called Merry Christmas From Markie on Dec.24,2013 Christmas Eve. I'm so very excited to finally release the these. I will be shooting a music video for the Christmas Single. I am currently working out video locations as we do have snow. Tahoe has amazing snow too.

 The video will include footage from a sleigh ride that is being planned. Might get footage from the train ride called Polar Express as well. This will be, I'm hoping on or right after Christmas. I will use the footage from the Tahoe Gay Mixer as well. That will be shot next Tuesday.

 So things are coming along. The next single will be "The Look" it's the title track. Awesome cover of the single will be released soon! The single will be released before New Years!

Love Markie

Where Did Markie Go???


Hey guys,

 Wow it has been a bit since my last blog. We had Halloween which was a blast I will post pictures. I went as an Evil Jester. Black & Red. Was awesome. I actually took part in trick or treating door to door with my 5 year old sister. Was so much fun. One is never to old for Halloween. As I get older I am slowly getting back into it. Next year will be a blast. Planning Big things!

 What eles it happening. Oh delay on artwork, so album is delayed. Shooting for a Nov release. Not sure the finalized date as of yet. I promise to post as soon as I get a for sure answer. The muisc is on the site now is complete. The Albums music is done. Been totally mixed, master and is ready for sale. Just need the cover art and I can then summit the CD to my distributor.

 I am currently working on the Christmas EP. Just chose a few songs. Believe these will be then "Cold December Night" written by Michael Buble and has great meaning to me. I will try "O Holy Night" at fans request. I will be doing "This Christmas" similar to the Olivia Newton John & John Travolta's from 2011. Will try "Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow" or "White Christmas". These are the working titles at this time. Well see how they turn out.

 I will be shooting a music video for one of the songs on the Christmas EP. I'm waiting for more snow in South Lake Tahoe before I can shoot the video. Let me say that there will be a Sleigh too. Gonna be fun shooting the footage and putting it all will be fun.

 What else, hmmm...! I think that is it for now. Thanks for bareing with me on the CD release. I will slowly release them on on until you can hear most songs until release date. Hope everyone has a great week!  Love Markie



The final release date is October,29 2013. The hard copy may have a different cover. I promise to release the CD on this date. You will also get a free download on this site of "Halloween/Spin Me Round" on October,29 2013 as well! Hang tight guys just a few more week! I will be doing major press in Nov.

Love, Markie



Hello Everyone,

 Yes yet another delay for the release of MARKIE-THE LOOK! Due to album cover photo problems. I had a photo shoot today and the full album photo shoot will be in a few weeks. Photo were already taken for the cover and album, but since parting professionally with D. Christian, I have to shoot another session. I apologies to the fans. The tracks are set and ready to go. I have been mixing/mastering them for weeks while the cover was be working on with my new guy Cameron Eng. However the photo's I gave home were not good enough for the album cover.

 Just the way it is everyone. Hang tight. Were shooting for October 29, 2013 just before Halloween to launch the Digital download of MARKIE-THE LOOK via ITunes and, Xbox, Sportify Ect.

 Thanks to you the fans for hanging with me until the release finally happens! I greatly appreciate you all more then you know!

Much, Love Markie

Major Updates and Exciting Tour Annoucement!


Hey there everyone! I wanted to blog sooner but have had little time. I have first and foremost update the songs on the site. Slowly they have gotten better and better as I have with mixing and mastering each one to be the best it can be. I also have to delay the release of the CD due to no longer working with D.Christian. Please note he has no more involvement in anything Markie related. There were personal differences for his departure. PLEASE DO NOT purchase Tee's from or purchase the E-Book there. I have no connection at this time.

 I will be adding a store in the next few days however. Tee's ect will be offered then. I will post the information as I get it. Still looking into a way to add twitter feed to this site. I want to make it more interactive. I want you all to be able to see the tweets you post and read others too. Working on that!

I wanted to Personally welcome Camron Eng on board to do album graphics and he is currently working on the CD cover. It's going to amaze. I hope the shots are good, but he is magic and will make magic happen. The new album drop date is October 22, 2013. All the songs are set and ready to go. Just have to get the album cover done for digital submission.

 The hard copy will be out mid November, 2013. No set date. The hard copy will also be distributed through CD Baby my distributor and will be at all major retail outlets that still sell CD's. I will also be able to send promotion copies out when I get them to publications for review and for interviews ect.

 I'm excited to have all this happen and very excited to start the Christmas EP. Three to five songs are scheduled at this time. Since I learned how to master/mix, produce the Christmas EP will be magical. I will be shooting a music video for one of the songs as well. Just waiting for Snow in South Lake Tahoe. Yes I live only 10 mins from South Lake Tahoe! XO

I will be posting rare photos from the "Send Me An Angel'89" music video shoot and out takes from the studio when I was mixing/mastering songs. Also thanks to Giau Nguyen for working on the remix video for "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" it will be submitted to MTV Networks in Early November 2013.

 Is there anything I have forgotten? The "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" is my first hit selling 200 copies so far and counting. Please keep buy this one. I know it will do better with more promotion, publications and print interviews that are set for November 2013.

 Oh and I almost forgot there will be MARKIE-THE LOOK TOUR 2014! Just will be securing as many dates as I can. I will start this week. Have locked in one 2014 date already. More will be posted as they are locked in. It's going to be an amazing end of the year and awesome start to 2014.

One more thing, we have reached over 20,000 hits on this site, that is no joke! I'm completely over the moon excited about that. You guys are just awesome! Keep visiting here for more as the site changes and becomes more fun and better looking!

Love and Kisses,

Markie :-)



Good morning guys! Been working hard on mixing and mastering songs before the Big day October 15,2013 the official digital download will launched then. Will be on ITUNES and I'm having my guy work on the cover art should be complete this week. Ok so here is the track listing as of right now. Songs might shift but these are the official songs.

1)West End Girls

2)The Warrior

3)I'll Tumble 4 Ya

4)Too Shy (Hush Hush...)

5)Hot In The City

6)The Look

7)Dark Lady

8)Send Me An Angel'89

9)Self Control

10)We All Sleep Alone

11)Wild Wild West

12)Let Me Be The One

13)No More Words

14)All Or Nothing

15)Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)

16)Sugar Daddy


18)Halloween/Spin Me Round(Bonus)

19)Tonight I'm Your's(Don't Hurt Me)(Bonus)

20)Send Me An Angel'89(First Version)(Bonus)

21)The Way Of Love(bonus)

I'm still working on the 21'st track. If it don't make it, it will be released later as a B side or on a maxi cd single. Well, there you have it! The first reveal! It's all exciting...I have to get some rest now! Love you all! XOX Me

NEW SINGLE Launched Sept 24, 2013! Becomes Huge Hit!


Hey Guys,

 I launched the new dance version of "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" as of Sept 24, 2013. You can buy here by clicking the newly added buttons and I will be revamping the site. Just have to wait until next week for that. Big changes. The single has been hitting huge everywhere. Even the popularity at ITunes has been amazing. I did an inpromtu 5 min interview with Neil & Debz of Radio on Wed 25th. They are so wonderful. They will have me back as soon as the album drops on Oct 15,2013. Debz was excited about some of the tracks.

 I will be doing press starting Oct 1. Also just a heads up the host where this site it is going to down Oct 2-3rd for scheduled work. I will be launching the new look on Oct 1 if all goes well. Will major new buttons and things. I'm very excited to change the site and make it more advance.

 The single is now playing on international and national internet radio stations and will hit national radio airplay this week. The remix video is being worked on as well, will be summited to MTV Networks and other various outlets for consideration. All exciting news.

 News on album: I have added back many pulled tracks since after mixing them out and mastering them, they are damn good. The full deluxe version will launch first digitally via ITunes, Amazon, Ect. The hard copy will be distributed through CD Baby to all national and international chains, Target, Wal-Mart ect. The pre-Advance copies will be here on the site as an exclusive. The "Send Me An Angel'89" and "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" will be on hard copy with exclusive remixes, outtakes and demo's Plus Accapella versions on hard copy through the site and soon on CD maxi for national and international distribution as well. Many up coming things.

 There will be CD release parties in late Oct early Nov. Dates and club venues will be announced. That's it for now. Please buy my new single if have not. It can be heard here and exclusively on on Markie Radio. I have about five songs on there that full versions can be heard only though them.


Love Ya, Markie :-)

10,790 Actual Hits on this site!


I had to share this with you, my counter is still off. The actual hits on my website as of 10 sec ago 10,790! That's so awesome! I love it! You guys rock and your making my website super sucessful. I appreciate all of you! XOXO Markie

WOW! Dark Lady is officially complete!


Ok Guys, I finally completed the Demo for Dark Lady the song penne by John Durrell. What is so cool is The Harry Fox Agency has him regisetered so copyright is no problem at all. Becuase of this, Dark Lady was a late edition. I also didn't know I could do it justice. I tried "We All Sleep Alone" which is kind of my life in a nut shell, but it sucked bad. I will re-record it and see If I can somehow make it mine. A'lass Dark Lady is done and is track #5 on the Deluxe Edition of the CD. I'm so proud to do this one too. No one has ever covered it! I have a great marketing head. All these songs I have chosen have never been succefully re-recorded. I hope this one becomes a single. A video would be cool with this one too....Can you see it????

Markie Takes on an Untouched Cher Classic? WHAT???


Yes it is true. I have recorded the final track, it is a Cher classic. Should I reveal the song title? Hmm... I might keep you guessing a little longer. I must say that the song came out amazing. Way better then I ever imagined. I'm considering it as a single. The only problem is performing it live, it's tough to sing cause its a high octive song. I love it though and yes it was a #1 Cher song. Any ideas??? Haa. I think it would actually be fun to perform live so well see. I have comstume ideas too. It is actually track 5 on the CD or album. Ok, that is it for now...Markie PS I will be post demo sample Monday...XOX

Christmas Project 2013


Ok Okay...I will reveal minor details today. I am going to start work on, what I call Markie Christmas Project 2013. Haa it's kind of tounge in cheeck fun. It will be a Christmas EP. Slated for early Nov release. Thinking at this point 4 songs. I created the music few months back when I got the idea. I will shoot a music video for whichever is the best song on the EP. If anyone knows me, they know Christmas is my most favorite time of the year and I love good Christmas music. Mine will not disapoint.

 I'm over excited to be able to do a Christmas EP. It's quite simple, as songs I chose are upbeat and fun and some snow related. I love the snow. More details as the recording for this gets closer. 

Love, Markie

UPDATE: Where is Markie?


Hey guys,

 It have been back to the studio this past week since performing to good reviews at Reno Gay Pride. Was not the breakout performance I wanted it to be, it was good afterall. Now moving forward. I just finished as of last night the 16th and final song for the Deluxe Version of the Fourth comming CD 'Self Control' due out Sept 24, 2013. Hard copy will drop sometime in Oct. The single "Send Me An Angel'89" hard copy will be out soon. I was delayed by me adding the Remix version and accupella versions and intrumental to hard copy. The hard copy tracks are below:

Markie - Send me An Angel'89

1)Send Me An Angel'89

2)Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)

3)Send Me An Angel'89(Accupella)

4)Send Me An Angel'89(Intrumental)

That is the offical lineup. Will work to try to get these on the Itunes, amazon too. Seems to be hard to add more then one song on Itunes as a single. I'm sure I can work it out. My distriubutor is amazing.

 After the CD is back from master/Mixter. I can then get it to my distributor and they launch it on itunes. I'm very excited to see the reactions to all the songs. I really worked hard to bring the best of the best of covers I thought were un touched and needed to make a resurgence. I really hope you all like these songs as much as I do.

 It has been a dream to record my own album (CD) since I was a little boy. It's amazing that finally my dream is coming to a reality. It goes to show that now matter ones age, you should never give up on your dreams. Just put one foot infront of the other and keep moving forward. I love this saying Cher said once "If It don't matter in 5 years, it don't matter". I have excpeted that my Reno Gay Pride performance was good, not Epic. It wont mater in 5 years, cause I will be going very strong way before any 5 years lol. I will have many a grand performance under my belt by then.

 Epic performance is yet to come. Just trust me that I know how to make a performacne Epic. My fault was relying on other to have there shit together which they did not. I will make sure its all good the next performance I will make sure all things are done way before hand. These are things I know better from my past.

Love, Markie

New Song (Demo Uploaded for you)


Hey guys,

 I finished another song, only one more to go. The album will be done. I uploaded for you a clip of the demo. I will be working on mixing and mastering throughout the rest of Aug and most of Sept before the album drops ITunes & Sept 24.

 Music video news: It's on hold for now. Still in debate as to which is single #2. Early Sept will get the "Send Me An Angel'89(MarkieDanceRadioEdit)" on iTunes and ect. It needed a couple more things to spruce it up. Which is being done, and thus the delay in the last weeks release time slot. It will still hit national radio and International Internet Radio early Sept. I will post a date as soon as I know for sure.

My Special Christmas surprise I start sometime next week. It will be out early Nov. With major radio airplay. I'm excited to start that. When complete. I then start the album I have wrote. I found the 50 songs I wrote since I was 10. My dad will be bringing then next week. I can't wait to rummage through then to see if any can work on the first CD. I know I have 12+ so far I wrote since June 2012. I'm very excited.

Performances: I working on DVD/CD/Single release party at local Gay Reno Club in Oct. Still working on potential Nov 3 Palm Springs, Ca Gay Pride? Well see, otherwise next year will be a major performing year. Working on lots of things. Also if the CD/DVD/Single release party is success, there will be others in Sacramento, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Chico, more.



Hey guys,

 Reno Gay Pride was a blast. I learned so much. Was major education for me and what to and not to do next performance. My pal 6 time Emmy winner Bruce Vilanch torn down the house at Harrah's Sammy Showcase Room. What hoot! He told me many stories about many of my favorite stars. He I just a great guy and will be a lifelong friend. Bruce and I have been friends since 2005. We were presenters at an awards show in Chicago, IL. In 2011 we were reconnected at the same show. Finally got to chill in Fabulous Reno.

 Anyway, for those who might wonder what the hell happened. There was a little miss communication on parking. Thus the 15 min late to perform which usually Is the "Kiss Of Death" on a performance connection with the audience. I was also told less then an hour before performing that the app that scrolls lyrics "Song Book" was not available. I was slated for 5 songs 30 min set.

 I was 15 mins late. Ran up on stage apologied to my audience which I had no idea included Channel 2 news. I did the best I could. I was a bucket of nerves lol. As time went on  the audience was terrific to me. It calmed my nerves. Also the amazing host Charley Geary was so gracious to me, he calmed me down, I own him one sometime in the future. Just an amazing sweet guy. I met his boyfriend, great couple. Charley Geary look him up, his is a powerhouse of talent himself.

 I went on and had a great time doing the best I could, my music was a mess, had 17 sec dead space in between songs, I didn't know that until the 1 before show. I learned a lot like I said. I also was ok with the dead space, it allowed me to catch breathe, talk to the audience built a little repore. On the last song, the finally. My assistant Cindy Corda, had my little 4 year sister come onto the stage. I was prepared for this before hand. This help so much, I know "Send Me An Angel'89" cause I have sing, recorded, re-recorded it since Sept 2012. LOL I had fun with it, I introduced the audience to my angel, my sister while singing the song without missing a beat. She was shy and had her hand over her face so cute.

 Cindy came and got her, I did a little dancing and went out to work the crowd. Saw my mom, grandma there. I also saw my close friend Kathy Caldera with her friend. She was on the lawn so I did a little jive over her person lol! The audience went wild. I went back up to the stage and song was over.

I gave mic to Mr. Charley Geary the incredible host. I want to say so much more, thank the audience, let em know I will be out meeting everyone. But no, Bruce Vilanch was ready to head back to his hotel. I'm not sure why I took over helping him, when it was my moment to shine. I should have met each and everyone of the audience that was there. Went to the table and had my CD's/DVD's ready for signing.

 Big mistake on my part. A true lesson learned and these things will never happen again. I will be 1 hour early. I will have my assistant take care of things way in advance. I know better then this. I know what needs to be done. My epic failer was relying on others. It has become a huge problem with me. I end up doing everything on my own. Well I cant do it all. I have to have some help. As time goes on I will get better help, and life will be easier. I can focus on performing, not how I get to the event, or dealing with other acts. No affence it was my choice to do what I did. It wont happen again.

 What is really great, after all that. Everyone said "That was a good show" not great but good. With the elements I was dealt, I'm greatful to have had a good show. Even Channel 2 News Reno, NV did a 47 sec segment including me on stage and my singing throughout the segment. Not one person said it sucked. With all that, it was a success.

 I did have one costume change. My backup dancers and singers flaked. It was all be alone up there. I will correct that in the future as well. If they have me back next year. Watch out! It will be one of the best shows ever, ever! I will make it Epic! I promise, major costume, six dancers, three backup singers, new album and more!

The future shows will be amazing. I want to personally thank Kevin and Bob for allowing me the time to be a part of the show. I greatly appreciate you guys. I would be so honored to come back next year and put on an Epic show, if would have me back. Thanks to everyone that showed up in support of Reno Gay Pride.

 I actually left and did come back by 3:30 PM. Stayed til the end. By then everyone that was from earlier that morning were long gone and it was a major crowd by then. No one knew who I was. LOL  They all had not see the show. Maybe I could get a later time slot next year? 3:00 pm would be cool!

 Whatever transpires, I will be me, the shows will be epic. I'm not slated for anything for a while. I am doing a CD/DVD release party in Reno in the future. Will be in late Sept. I will keep you all posted. Their are talks about Vegas Pride? I think it's to early, possibly next year. Also Palm Spring, Ca Pride Nov 3rd. Nothing is in stone yet.

 I am working on next year tour dates which will include Martika and Bruce Vilanch and Sir Ari stay tuned!! Love Markie :-)

Reno Gay Pride (Performance)


Not sure if I will have a chance to blog in. Sat is my first Live outdoor performance. Im heading to host hotel now. Excited. Will blog most likely later tonight..Love you All! MARKIE

Excited, Stressed and Over Excited!


Hey Guys,

 Hope your all doing well. I am a little stressed, getting this make or break performance together is so amazing, yet stressful. Never thought it would be stressful. That is what happens when you the casting, in this case the dancers where chosen by me, back up singer(s), still not sure if I have one 100%. I promise you this, whatever happens, however it goes, I will give my all to this my first ever major live performance. I have a lot riding on this one for the Reno NV comuinty and Gay comunity as well.

 Everyone I know that lives in this area will be there. I have to really step up to the plate. While this sounds fun, exciting, it has its nerve racking moments too. I guess the nerves are more from getting everything right. I also know it wont be 100%,  live performance is never 100%, if I can get 90% the first time out would be awesome for me. Shooting for 150% so well see.

 I just want to put on an amazing show, not fk up the words and show a dance side as well. I know one of my dancers is amazing. Cute sexy guy. He will turn it out. I just have not yet met the other guy, and we one hell of a time finding girls, so it might just be guys...

Sometimes things come in last well see. I just would like to show up go on stage and give you my all. That is down the road, one has to start someplace. Don't get me wrong, Im overly excited to show the world what Markie can do on a stage. I am overly excited to show you all I can sing dance and leave the best impression...You will remeber seeing me for the rest of your days...You will be wanting to see what his next performance will offer...each time I perform it will be better and better...This I promise!

I have so many ideas and thoughts about performing live and what makes an amazing show, what is capivating, what is different...Hang tight guys...the roller coaster is about to start, so sit back, hang tight and enjoy this musical roller coaster like you have never experinced...

More Updates!


Hey guys and gals,

 You all are kicking ass on the views here to my new website 140+ that's awesome in just a couple weeks. Glad your liking it. I added more demo's for you and also created the first ever Markie dance remix. It goes live in International Internet Radio Saturday Aug 10. Shooting for ITunes date of Aug 20 th for purchase. Working on the artwork as we speak then summiting Sat. I'm excited. Were also working on the Remix Music Video soon. It wont be out until late Aug. Going to use live footage form the Reno Pride Aug 17 2013 performance for remix video. I'm over joyed with getting four tracks for the Album done this week so far. Just have to send to Altanta, GA to my mastering guy. I am at 12 tracks complete. But adding bonus tracks to enhance the CD. Just learned from Cher that its a big deal now. Bonus tracks are not shit tracks either or pulled ones. Just over recording on purpose. HAA HAA. Shooting for 16 full and complete tracks on the CD. Yes just for you guys! Album drops Aug 20,2013. The remix will be send to national radio stations next week. Will see if we can get this song charted in billboard dance chart or Rick Dee's weekly Top 40 would rock. Yes I believe in "Send Me An Angel'89(Markie Dance Radio Edit)" will be heard everywhere. Going to Major promo this. The Press release is in the works for all of this too. Keep it here for all things Markie. Sept is the Tronix CD/DVD/Release party (still in works). That's about it for now.

Music Update!


Hello Everyone,

 Glad your all liking the new site. It's a start. Getting great reviews about the songs I have on here so far. Finishing up a Cher cover today, now actually. I'm not a huge fan of Markie, but I do think some of the songs I have chosen are memorable and with time I will be better and better. I look forward to the many many songs which I have written. The Next CD will have a special Cher tribute song. Working with the infamous Bob Esty on "Take Me Home" which He will arrange, produce. It will be a major and I will be in LA to record it. He is amazing, producer/writer. Start working on my written CD end of AUG. I also have a Christmas surprise comeing in Nov. Exclusively here for you! CD might now have 13 tracks. Busting my ass to get them done and right. Some songs flow and are easy and quick, others take days. Not doing anything less then the best I can at this point. If you don't like one song, hang tight, I know there will be on you will. Ok better get back to working on Cher cover. Love you all, Markie

Markie News!


Hey guys,

 Hope your enjoying the new Markie website. I will keep working on it with more and more things as we go alone. Today I'm working on a Cher song, might have three that will be used on singles in the future. I mean three Cher songs. I just got permission to re-record "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves", which is so cool. I sucked on the first time recording it in 1999-2000. I have come a long way since those days vocally and have a grasp of how I would sing it today. I might also try to re-record "Walking In Memphis" that would be fun. It would just be for fun and for you guys.

 Right now I'm focused on finishing these last three amazing songs for the CD. Also in meetings this week with both backup singer and dancer and see if they found another backup singer and three more dancers. This is for my first major outdoor live concert, a 30 min set on the Main Stage at Reno, NV Pride at Windfield park. Will be so fun. Think I have three of the four outfits together too. I just have to get the shoe. I found this amazing shoe so buying it Friday! I'm excited and nervious too.

 I have stage fright, I always have. Once I am out there and the audience is having a good time it calms me and I can really give an amazing performance. I never want to let you guys down. I will be working hard in late Aug and Sept to see if I can get booked to perform in your town for Pride. It's a dream of mine to be able to give back to the gay community that has given me so much.

 Ok I better jet, love you all. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Just know I have great love for you. I'm so happy you decided to check out my official website. Yes I run and own this. No more days of everyone else running things. I learned many moons ago, if you want things done correct have your hand in everything and never let others take over. I will always be the one who posts. Unless there is a guest poster. It will be stated as such.

 So sit back enjoy all that Markie is about to become. It's happening slow but sure. Just the way I wanted it to go. I plan on being around a long time... -MARKIE

Official Website Launch


Hello Guys,

 This is my official Blog! Keep it here for all the latest news and fun. I will be blogging quite often. Looking forward to it as well.

Love, Markie

Note To My Fans


Welcome to my official website. The home of all things Markie. I appreciate all of you and you're amazing love and friendships. I will slowly be improving this site as times goes on. This is just the start. I have been working hard on the follow up to my first CD 'THE LOOK' which dropped April 8,2014. The follow up CD is called 'Be Near Me' and will feature 18 new cover tracks on Amazon now. I have also been working on my first all original material album which will drop this summer 2017. As well as the much anticipated Christmas CD dropping November 2017. I can tell you one song is called "You're A Bad Man" another is "You Can't Say Anything" which is about the fact we lost freedom of speech and how you cant say a thing now days. Some of the music in Audio section are demos and clips that won't be used and yet others are pre-demo. You can get my first single EP "Sugar Daddy" from my new CD BE NEAR ME By clicking the link in music section. The single will include two non album bonus tracks, Instrumental, and Original demo version on a 5 track EP, also has an amazing cover I created. "Sugar Daddy" the music video is on my Youtube channel and will be on Markie Vevo soon too. Markie has to set some time aside to edit the music video for the remix video of "Send Me An Angel'89! Markie also wants to give a shout out Kevin whom produced Reno Nevada Gay Pride. I was able to perform for 4 years in a row with this date Aug 15, 2015 being the last time anyone would perform for Reno Gay Pride. Kevin pasted away from cancer later in 2015. Though Kevin and I did have very few difference, he was a great person and gave me the opportunity to le to perform and sing live, on stage with no lip syncing 7 song, 4 costume changes . You can now see the the video clips on this site or check then out on his youtube channel. They were again just for me to learn and get better. The Half Breed tour was cancelled in 2016. Markie also released his second single "Dance Hall Days"which is becoming quite a hit. Markie is going to have UMG Universal Music Group remaster all tracks and all the muisic and singles will be re-released this summer 2017. 

"I'll Tumble 4 Ya" Live Reno Gay Pride 2015

"Dance Hall Days" (UHD 4K) Live Reno Pride 2015

'Sugar Daddy"(HD Music VIdeo)

"Dance Hall Days"( HD Video)

Markie - "Half-Breed" live Reno Gay Pride 2015

Send Me An Angel'89 (UHD 4K)

"Send Me An Angel'89(MDanceRadioEdit)" Trailer

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Markie "Catch Me I'm Falling" live Reno Gay Pride